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The view

Project view - before!

Full of motivation and energy, we start our project "The View". We believe that everyone can see the potential to create a wonderful patio for nice days. This is how it looks today...

Before start


We start by having a "working meeting" and state that the foundation is the foundation of everything! All said and done, the shovels in the hands and after two spades, memories come back! "That's right, we had 10 large pine trees on the plot just two years ago" and now we found the roots - finally! After a tough fight with 50-year-old pine trees and their roots, we came out victorious and could enjoy the nice root pile :)

The working meeting before the start

Finally we found the roots!

Who will win the fight...

We look forward to our nice root pile

Now the foundation work can continue

Stone removal before paving

After we got all the roots out of one part of the patio, we tackled the "simpler" part that looks nice and flat. There were only two small stones to be removed before the ground cloth would be put in place. However, it turned out that they were slightly bigger than we thought, but that's it! We got the first "small" stone removed through good teamwork between the three of us who work on the patio - one who documents and two who work hard :). When we got to the second "small" rock, we realized that "tip of the iceberg" had taken on an actual meaning at our house. Here we had to take help from a neighbor and brother to have a chance at all. With two iron skewers, a lot of sweat and the taste of blood in our mouths, we also won this fight; Big stone 0 - We 1!

Looks flat and nice..

First small stone

The boys tackle the other "small" stone

and here we take help from neighbor and brother

Stone 0 - we 1!!

The delivery

Stenbolaget's delivery has been sitting nicely and waiting in the carport for our project to start. After the foundation work and rock removal was done, it was day two to "deliver" the delivery up to the top of the plot where the patio is starting to take shape. 800 kilos of gravel was the melody of the day! First we had to start by loading the gravel into smaller bags to be able to carry it up and then the climbing started first up a flight of stairs and then up the lawn to the very other side of the house. It was a couple of motivated guys who came with the first sacks that would be there to have some weight for the ground cloth.

Delivery in the carport

Load in smaller bags

The first stage of the climb

The second stage of the climb

Finished with the first 4 sacks

Ground cloth and gravel driving

Then it was finally time to lay the ground cloth, but first a careful measurement was made to get the right height and straight lines on the patio. When the tarp was in place, it was time for more gravel driving from the carport. The wheelbarrow came in handy when it was driven load after load after load - 800 kilos of gravel later it was easy to rake out the gravel and when the day was over we realized that maybe we still have a little too little gravel... Tomorrow maybe visit Stenbolaget!

Straight measurements

Table setting

Gravel driving

Load after load

And finally all the gravel was up!


There was a small pause in the construction because we had ordered too little of both gravel and stone flour, our "tip from the coach" is therefore to always order more than you think you need. For our part, it has not caused any problems and once again Stenbolaget arranged a very fast delivery and first thing in the morning we received 1600 kilos of material. So after half a day of "rest" (which consisted of indoor panel demolition :), the guys were at it again! First they came up with another 800 kilos of gravel, then it was time to vibrate and it gave good vibrations to the whole gang. The result was stable and good, so then it was time to get up 1,600 kilos of stone flour and it went at breakneck speed with two wheelbarrows in shuttle traffic. At least at the beginning, but luckily the person responsible for documentation also has another task, namely the energy supply. Food on large platters has also been delivered up to Santa. After the energy top-up, things went smoothly again and even the last load of stone flour finally arrived. A little swing with the vibrator and then it was clapped and ready for the stone laying - two satisfied guys after today's toil, we would finally get to start laying the tiles!

800 kilos of gravel up the hill

Good Vibrations

Shuttle service

The energy supply

The last load and satisfied guys

Finally tiling!

Then it was time for tiling and with the hammer in full swing the work began. Straight and fine it would be so the spirit level was with you all the time. The "foreman" pointed with his whole hand to show where the stone was missing (no one else saw it :). As in all other stages of our project, we also had to transport the stone slabs from the carport, but after this week's training session, the stones were thrown on the back and we drove on. When the major part of the tiling was done, it was time for the finishing touches. Measure, cut, adjust - precision work at its best and what a result it would be! No one was as happy as the preciser Jocke (who also had the role of supervisor :) when the last cut-to-size plate was put in place! Fogsand here we come!

With the hammer in full swing

Straight with spirit level

Pointing with the whole hand: More plates there..

The precision work

Happy faces

Joint sand

Then there was only the joint sand left, so out with the sack! To get the very best result, the foreman took the brush in his hand and stone by stone the sand was brushed in. A real handiwork and a fantastic result at the end. If you're going to do something, you should do it properly! And now what? Yes, time for interior design!

Out with the sand


It was nice!

Welcome to enjoy the view!

Our project would give us a patio where we could walk barefoot and enjoy the view - and we got more than we wanted! There is definitely no question that it has been worth all the toil, carrying, tearing and tugging! Turned out to be bigger than we thought and ever hoped for. From a boring patio with small stones that hurt the soles of the bare feet to a delicious patio with nice paving, nice details in the edges and a wonderful flower bed with fragrant flowers. For those standing down by the carport, it can be hard to imagine that just a little bit higher up a view of Stockholm opens up, which leaves one amazed - welcome to Utsikten!

On the way up

Stone, detail and discount

Wide views

Welcome to Utsikten!

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