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Vår nya trädgårdsgång

Our new garden path

Started ground work

We have dug out all the old soil and removed the old stone slabs that have been there since 1981 when the house was built.

All soil and old stone slabs are gone


Then we laid out the Patio fiber cloth and poured joint sand so that there was an even layer of about 2 cm.
Patio fiber cloth 12x1 meterFogsand, 15 kg

Fiber cloth and joint sand laid

The curbstone

Then we placed the curb stone in a straight line the way we want it. We watered the sand and compacted it by walking back and forth on it.
Granite curbstone Sköndal, flamed 9 pcs

The curb laid


After that, we started laying out the stones provisionally just to see how it would be in order to calculate how to cut the ones that don't fit. Then the rain came and then we decided to continue the next day.

Marksten Structure 50, Gray mix 168 pcs

Will be nice


We chose to buy this from Stenbolaget in Sköndal.
Patio fiber cloth 12x1 meter - 1 pc Joint sand, 15 kg - 20 pc Granite curbstone Sköndal, flamed - 9 pc
Marksten Structure 50, Gray mix - 168 pcs
Flexible Hard Joint Benders 20 kg, Gray - 1 pc

Will be nice

The cornerstone in place

Now the ground stone is in place, the next step is the jointing

A staircase is to be built

A staircase must also be built to make it really nice

The cornerstone almost ready.....

Granite curb stone Sköndal, flamed - 9 pcs
Marksten Structure 50, Gray mix - 198 pcs
HANDSOME HELP was here today and straightened the curb stone and cut fit pieces. They also started rolling out the new lawn.

Almost done!

Will be nice

Will be nice

Will be nice

Will be nice

The flagstone is now waiting to be jointed (bad weather)

Now only the ground stone has to be joined by the company HANTVERKS HJÄLPEN It has to be done when it doesn't rain... But look at the pictures of how nice it looks with the newly laid lawn and the stones...

The result

The result!


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