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Vår nya trädgårdsgång

Our new garden path

Rough planning

This is what it looked like when it was still a construction site and when the first excavator buckets arrived

in the infancy of the project

the buckets in place

The soil in place and the stones begin to be laid out

Now we have got the planting soil in place and created a level difference. We are starting to put out our newly purchased stepping stones

The stones are starting to be laid out

The hallway is starting to take shape

The stones are laid out and the walkway is starting to take shape

The hallway is starting to take shape

The plants are starting to come into place

We have tried to find plants that make a nice overall impression. The idea is that the tread grain should grow together and frame the stones nicely.

The plants are planted

Frame with tread grain

Stone and greenery - beautiful combination!

Stones and plants create a nice harmony in our garden

The stones lead the visitor all the way to the plot

The stones create natural paths among the plants

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