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Vår nya uteplats

Our new patio

Removal of wooden trellis

We rarely used our wooden trellis that ran along the entire south side of the house. We removed the wooden trellis many years ago to create something at ground level.

The wooden trolley is removed. A huge job!

Decay of the southern side

For several years nothing happened. The surface was not used for anything other than the cultivation of strawberries and blackberries. It looked very scary.


Plinths and boards.

Donut picker.

Our plan for a new patio is starting to take shape

We are designing our new patio with soft undulating shapes. The boards are painted in red and yellow in the same shades as the house, and the plank slopes towards a lower part where there will be a flower bed.

The rubble in place.

Stones await.

The plank takes off.

The tiles come into place

After the ground cloth and setting sand were in place, the setting sand was wetted and the roller driven over. A case of about 3% was created out of the house. We tried tiles in several rounds before we arrived at how we wanted it. It was a bit like doing a puzzle. We have chosen several different types of stone and given the patio rounded shapes to give it all more life. We created several areas for plants: a flower bed, a part in the middle where we could have pots and along the outside of the plank. We used several different types of stone: flagstone, curbstone, shingle, seastone.

Trying out some tiles

The roller is waiting

Ground cloth on

Set sand in place

Tiles in place

Final fix

The last gravel and smaller stones are coming into place. Several different types of stones and an undulating shape give our patio its special character. Our willow (which was originally part of a willow house) creates a certain lushness right from the start. We made several different places for plants, e.g. discounts on both the inside and outside of the plank. Several places for pots were also created. The hole in the plank was not planned from the beginning, but felt natural. Different climbing plants were framed there.

Soon ready

Exterior missing


Entrance in plank

Discounts at plank

Our oasis - soon ready!

Finally, almost time for the inauguration. Many plants to plant to create the lushness we desire.

Party coming soon

Pots in place


Discount o pots

Pot corner

Our oasis - ready!

When all the plants were in place and started to grow, we got exactly what we wanted: A leafy oasis! Other exterior features such as a Buddha fountain increase the coziness factor. We thought it was a fun project to do on our own!

By the willow tree

Rippling water

We often sit here!

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