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Monteringsanvisning Kantsten Modern

Assembly instructions Curbstone Modern

Laying curbstones when you are going to lay out a surface with tiles or flagstones provides a stable installation and a nice framing of the surfaces. Examples of areas of use where you can use Visby concrete edging are around planting, walkways, patios or lawns and flower beds. The curbstone also has an important task as extra support during your paving and decorative paving .

A simple curb that can be laid with both the narrow and wide side up. Kantsten Modern fits well with most straight and smooth paving, such as Marksten Modern, Smooth Tiles, Granite tiles and other stones with smooth surfaces in our range. But it is of course also possible to use it together with a tumbled stone. Curbstones give the surface a stable and beautiful frame.

Follow our steps below and succeed with your edging!

Install Curb Visby Step 1 STEP 1

Dig out a gutter separately or adjacent to the pavers you want to give extra support to. The gutter should be approx 30 cm wide.
If curbstones are to be installed next to a flagstone surface, this is done before the flagstone is laid. For marking the desired height, stake sticks and mason's string are advantageously used. Put a fiber cloth in the bottom to separate your masses, fill the shaft with a bearing layer 
rock crusher 0-32 and pack it properly. keep in mind that at least 50% of the curb must be buried.

Stenbolaget tips!

Keep in mind that at least half of the stone will disappear into the ground. So it is important to think about how you want the final height of your kerb before you start assembling. The more that disappears into the ground, the more stable the surface becomes.

Install Curbstone Visby Step 2


Always start at the lowest elevation if your surface slopes. Then fit the curbstones onto the packed surface and backfill the stones from both sides with either soil moistened concrete, rock crusher 0-32 or similar faction. Remember to save height for stone flour/stone chips and the thickness of the plate that you intend to connect with the curb.

Stenbolaget tips!

Installing a curbstone that contrasts with the surface can be both stylish and practical. Breaking away with a different color or stone material provides clear boundaries between surfaces and creates beautiful borders and frames.

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