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Finsingel 16-28

Fine single 16-28

Steady fine single in beautiful shade differences. The stone is washed and maintains a beautifully melded tone in natural shades where the stamp of nature left its clear traces. Finsingel is a perfect choice for those of you who want something classic in your garden and at the same time find an affordable option to cover large areas.
The stone works incredibly well with a frame of granite curbstone as these natural materials lift each other and provide a nice interplay.
Sizes 16-28 provide a stronger single that is well suited for both decoration around the patio, along the foundation of the house and other surfaces in the garden room. The size and fraction of the stone gives a good draining effect, which means that it can be used for surfaces where both decoration and drainage are in demand.
To get as nice a garden surface as possible, we recommend that you prime with fiber cloth at the bottom and mount these sheets with an overlap. This ensures that the stones do not mix up with the substrate and sink away in the long run.

With a normal bed thickness of 5 cm, 1000 kg is enough for approx. 12 square meters.

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