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Montering på Piedestaler

Mounting on Pedestals

Easy to install! Easy to replace!

Stenbolaget's Pedestals are both flexible, adjustable and provide an easy installation. What you get with the help of the pedestal is precisely great flexibility and a portable floor with a number of advantages. You can easily lift a plate away if you need to change it, or even get underneath for inspection.

The pedestals are available in different heights and where each pedestal can be adjusted in height. This is to be able to get an even surface even though the substrate may be somewhat uneven in places.

The pedestal comes in several parts where the tray and base are assembled together and then provided with the four spacers that build the surface itself for the corner of each plate to rest on. The spacers ensure that you get an evenly wide joint when you place your granite ceramic tiles.

Other advantages are also if, for example, you intend to run an electric cable, water hose for the summer's outdoor shower or simply want to be able to install your floor. Even on roof terraces and balconies, the installation provides a great advantage as drainage under the tiles may be required.

Granite ceramics can be mounted on pedestals if there is a solid surface that does not risk movement. We therefore do not recommend that you install your floor on, for example, lawns, wooden decks, or in bearing layers and sand. The most suitable substrate is when it is firm and as even as possible. So you have a concrete floor, ground tiles or an existing concrete surface or similar and want to renew your surface. Then you have a fun solution here.

A very important factor is that assembly takes place with edges around the surface for a secured laying and assembly that is not at risk of movement.

Granite ceramic is a frost-resistant and incredibly durable material and is available in a range of different shades and textures. The big advantages of these tiles versus wooden patios and planks are the maintenance. The granite ceramic is incredibly durable against scratches and spills. And spills can be expected on a patio. Not mainly during the pleasant evenings of the barbecue season. A wooden floor wears hard with weather and wind, while granite ceramics stay beautiful with less effort such as brushing, light washing and rinsing. Another factor is that you avoid chipping wood and the risk of twigs and screws that easily tear the sock.

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