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Makadam 2-6 med biokolskompost

Macadam 2-6 with biochar compost

Macadam 2-6 with biochar compost provides a permeable plant bed and stable filling around roots and tree planting. Coal macadam comes in the fraction 2-6 and gives the surface great stability but also a very good condition for vegetation to be able to thrive. Coal macadam is a soil-free solution that, with its draining effect, gives the plants what they need! Air, water and nutrition.

Macadam 2/6 with Biocoal compost is suitable as a plant substrate for both perennials, shrubs and grass areas. You can also use the material as filling around the root ball when planting trees. The material also works well on slopes as the material is not washed away by rainwater. It is also possible to grow vegetables with the mixture.

You can buy macadam 2-6 with biochar compost in big bags of 1000 kg here in our webshop. But it is also possible to buy the material at our professional centers in Sköndal or Märsta. There we sell it in bulk and we load exactly the quantity you are looking for. Come by with a trailer or truck and we will load up with machines equipped with a scale in their bucket. Contact our customer service for the current daily balance at our facilities.

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