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Sandlådesand 0-2

Sandbox sand 0-2

When building a sandbox, there are often several questions that come to mind.
  • How big a sandbox should I build?
  • What sizes are there?
  • How should I cover the sandbox in the evenings?
And perhaps the most important question of them all!
  • What type of sand should I use for best results?
This is the sand that makes summer play fun!
Stenbolaget's sandbox sand comes in fraction 0-2. The smooth and fine-grained structure of the sand means that it holds together well and provides a malleable mass for both sand castles and sand cakes. Everything the little construction engineer needs!
To fill up an already existing sandbox, you can simply just add new sand over the years. If, on the other hand, you intend to build a new box, we recommend priming your surface with fiber cloth. The cloth keeps the sand layered against the material that forms the base for the sandbox itself. It is a shame if the fine sand mixes with soil, gravel and mud.
Regardless of whether the sandbox is installed in a public environment such as a park or courtyard or even on a private plot of land, the sand deserves to be kept clean.
We therefore recommend that you cover your sandbox with a lid when it is not in use. In this way, you keep away cats and other animals who are often more than happy to visit. So check if your sandbox has a lid or create your own solution and get a creative cover plate overnight.
Make the choice simple and playfully easy and choose sandbox sand!
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