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Sjösingel Gulmelerad 16-32

Sjösingel Gold-colored 16-32

With Sjösingel or sea stone as it is also commonly called, you can both decorate your garden area and make it easier to maintain. You can buy Sjösingel in both large sacks, loose weight and in smaller sacks for small decorations and additions. Stenbolaget's Sjösingel is a beautifully decorative stone that is packed and forms a lovely walkable surface and a purely decorative solution as the stone comes with soft shapes. The stone comes in warm tones and goes into a beautiful yellow melange. Sjösingel comes in a wide variety where many different shades can come into play and give the stone even more life and structure.

You can decorate garden paths, patios, around house foundations, around trees and lots of other exciting surfaces. Only your own imagination sets the limits here.

Together with the verdant garden room, sea shingle provides a naturally beautiful setting and creates life. Decorative stone and not least lake shingle create soft environments and achieve big results in the garden with small means. An affordable solution for those who want to get visible results quickly. Let a beautiful stone wall be framed with a lovely decor, your flower beds get a proper lift and spruce up your flower boxes and pots.

A common case is to replace the lawn in those places where the grass does not want to grow and instead let sea shingle create a lovely bed and a surface with a golden edge.

For a standard decorative bed of approx. 4 cm thickness, 1000 kg is enough for approx. 15 sq m.

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