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Sjösingel Svartvit 16-32

Sea single Black and white 16-32

Sjösingel 16-32 is a lovely decorative stone that gives you opportunities to bring out your creative spirit. The stone comes in natural melange and contrast-creating shifts between black and white. But other elements of colors and shades can also occur. A stone that brings to mind the beach and river bank.

Our lake single is available in two different fractions, 8-16 and this coarser stone of a full 16-32mm. The stone comes in both stable large bags and is available for purchase in bulk in a couple of selected facilities with us at Stenbolaget.

Sjösingel 16-32 provides a decorative garden surface and also provides a draining effect. Of course, the stone can be laid as walkable surfaces, but there we recommend our smaller stone 8-16 for a more comfortable step in the barefoot dance of the summer sun. Decorative stone creates opportunities in both the private villa garden and the public urban environment, such as parks, squares and other gathering places for people to socialize.

For a standard decorative bed of approx. 4 cm thickness, 1000 kg is enough for approx. 15 sq m.

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