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Integumentary bark

Cover bark is a wonderful natural product to protect and care for the green inhabitants of flower beds. The cover bark, also called top bark, provides a decorative planting surface and a top layer that keeps moisture in the flower bed and around your plants during both the plant's growth and life. Our cover bark is a sorted and unfertilized bark of pine and spruce. A covering bark of coniferous forest and nature's own shield.

The cover bark comes in the fraction 10-40 and is available to buy in practical big bags here in our webshop. The bag contains a full 0.8 cubic meters and gives the garden's flowerbeds protection and a nice frame and decoration. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a smaller volume, the bark can be bought in bulk at a couple of selected facilities with us. Both in buckets freely loaded on your trailer, as well as in small bags that you fill up to 30 liters yourself.

Covering bark is used to protect against the cold of winter, the drought of summer and also against weeds. Also cover sensitive plants with cover bark in autumn, this provides a protective layer when the climate changes. And in the spring it is good to lay cover bark to prevent evaporation and weed growth. The increased layer with cover bark means that the need to water the surface is reduced because evaporation cannot take place at the same pace as without cover bark.

A tip is also to fertilize the planting before the bark itself is laid out. This ensures that the plant and the root are supplied with nutrition before the actual covering layer encapsulates your planting.

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