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Decorative stone & Decorative stone

Create a nice garden bed, decoration, gravel path or hide the ugly drainage along your house foundation and retaining wall . Decorative stone, decorative stone or decorative gravel as it is also called, brightens up your garden with small efforts for cheap! Stylish, fast, simple and very affordable simply!

We at Stenbolaget have Sweden's largest range of decorative stone for garden projects! Decorative stone is available in many colors, sizes and with different forms of surface treatments. The most common types and most popular among our customers are tumbled decorative stone , crushed decorative stone and sea shingle . Choose between flexible small bags and large bags at really low prices! And find a size of both decorative stone and sack that fits your planned garden project. If you are looking for more inspiration and additional information , please read our guides as well as tips and advice for an extra helping hand. And when you're still at it and planning for your decoration in the garden, don't forget fiber cloth and curbstone . These components secure your laying and prevent the decorative stones from escaping.

Choose different colors and create a contrasting garden

It is with little effort and relatively small funds that you spruce up your garden and give it a magical transformation. Choose from a range of different colors from white, to red and black and also choose from mixed stones that go in a beautiful pattern and with a fine texture. Contrast is easily created by choosing a nice sea stone in a black/white shade or by mixing different types of decorative stone during the installation itself, this creates an eye-catcher and arouses interest. The decor works especially well around the foundation of the house, both for protective purposes but also as a stylish decor and framing and to highlight the house's angles and shapes. The protection you get is that soil and other material does not splash onto the facade during heavy rain.

Decorative stone an easy installation and quick results

It is easy and fun to lay decorative stone. And above all, the stones work wonders for the garden's surfaces. The road to a successful project and a stylish decorative stone surface is paved with the help of a range of smart accessories.

1. Remember to properly demarcate lawns and flower beds if you intend to decorate around these types of surfaces. Feel free to set a curb stone or a steel edge support for best results and to keep your decorative stone in place in the future as well. But also to prevent soil and sand from entering your decorative surface.

2. Another important tool for a stable installation is fiber cloth . This is placed at the bottom so that your decorative stone is stable and so that it does not mix up with existing soil masses.

3. Get an extra effect by fitting lighting that illuminates your decorative stone in the evening.

Access and how to think

The consumption when laying decorative stone is a common question that we at Stenbolaget encounter from our customers. This is determined by a number of different factors. How big is your area? Which fraction of decorative stone should you put? How thick a bed are you planning to lay? Should the surface only be decorative, perhaps walkable or downright drivable. A rule of thumb is that on our smaller fractions such as 10-20, you can expect that it takes about 3-4 bags of 20kg to cover about one square meter with a bed thickness of 4-5cm. And with a 1000kg bag of the same fraction on stone, you cover an area of ​​approx. 15 square meters with the same bed thickness as mentioned above.

But read more about each product on their product page and find the right decorative stone for your garden.

Decorative stone, gravel and shingle for many uses

Using decorative stone, gravel, crushed stone, shingle and other smaller stones in a fine fraction in the garden is very popular. Decorative stone is well suited to many different types of surfaces and creates an effective atmosphere where it is laid out.

Keep in mind that crushed stones in smaller fractions become more packed where they lie and that tumbled stones are nicer for the foot. Large stones are decorative and difficult to walk on, while smaller stones provide a very pleasant walking surface. So think through how you want your surface to be and choose decorative stone according to the purpose.

Common areas to lay decorative stone are patios, garden paths, driveways, around flower beds and in planting land. A very popular solution we have seen many customers do is to have decorative stone as the base of their footpath but to lay out stepping stones as the footpath itself. This gives you an almost floating feeling and a clear walking path. If you feel the least bit unsure, please consult us at Stenbolaget. We know decorative stone!