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Fiber cloths

Fiber cloth or geotextile, as it is also called, is an important component when laying paving stones , building walls , setting curbs or the like. The fiber cloth is primarily used to separate the fill masses and the soil so that your bearing layer remains properly packed. We also have fiber cloths adapted to prevent weeds from growing through. Perfect for laying under a surface where you are going to lay decorative stone or gravel.

With us at Stenbolaget, you will find fiber cloth on a roll. Fiber cloths usually carry a classification between N1 to N4 depending on what the area of ​​use is. We have fiber cloths that work for all types of work in the garden. Everything from driveways and patios to garden paths. Should you need fiber cloth with a higher profile class, you can contact customer service or visit one of our stores and we will help you.

A fiber cloth consists of compressed fibers and protects your paving and masonry with a draining and filtering effect. The fabric easily passes through water that penetrates into the ground, which prevents water pools from forming in the substrate. When laying stones, you simply roll out the fiber cloth in the excavated surface and make sure that it also goes up over the edge of the pit. You will find fiber cloths at good prices with us at Stenbolaget.