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Joint sand

A good joint sand is needed for all types of paving and paving. It is usually the last step after the paving itself, and joint sand provides the final finish and final locking of the ground stone surface. Joint sand is available in several different varieties with different compositions, color and shade. Choose between flexible hard joint, decorative joint, sand and stone flour. the cost of the joint sand is of course spread depending on which joint sand you choose.

Flexible hard joint hardens, stabilizes and keeps out weeds and vermin, while sand and decorative joint only give a decorative finish to the joint. Decorative joint is also available in a weed-resistant version. This joint sand is anthracite-colored and alkaline, which makes it more difficult for plants to take root and achieve their first growth phase. Stone flour is also an alternative as this material is usually used under the tiles themselves and ground stone during laying. And in these cases, you may have stone flour left over after laying the stones.

Our main recommendation is flexible hard joint as this has been appreciated by our customers for many years and provides the most maintenance-free surface. No matter what joint sand you are looking for, you will find it with us at Stenbolaget. The joint sand makes a difference to whatever surface you pave!