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Paving stone

Paving stone gives both an exclusive and rustic impression, but above all, paving stone is a very durable building material that can withstand both heavy traffic and intensive foot traffic. With this natural stone, you increase the value of the entire garden and can create an exciting garden with a large eye-catcher. Paving stone provides a solid paving which also leaves a historical mark as it has been used as a building material in our cities for hundreds of years. Along streets and in squares you can find both small street stone, large street stone and cobblestone and the popularity has only grown over the years. The paving stone has really found a home in our Swedish gardens and is a stone that is here to stay.

In our category of paving stones, you will find a wide range of sizes, origins and shades of both small paving stones and large paving stones. These two divisions reveal the measurements and sizes of the stone. Choose between antique, rustic and modern paving stones, which all add a different touch to your garden and your project.

Small street stone - Small to the surface but gives great results

Smågatsten is a smaller stone that often comes in an approximate format of 10x10cm. But the span is large and the cobblestone varies in size, which makes it a real craft to assemble. But with your tongue right in your mouth and a bit of patience and accuracy, the results will be incomparably beautiful. Given the solid format of the paver, it is perfectly suited for both garage driveways and driveways for heavy traffic.

Cobblestones are found in the laying of arch patterns/arching, circles, diagonal laying, rows and other traditional patterns. Small street stone has acted as an important building material in our cities for hundreds of years and it only gets more beautiful with time! If you are walking through older neighborhoods, take a look under your feet. Often the footpaths are paved with cobblestones. The stone has often been ground to the surface and this type of used paving stone is considered very valuable on the secondary market.

Paving stone on net

Recently, paving stones on nets have also been developed. These make for smooth assembly with beautiful results. The product is designed exactly as it sounds and is therefore mounted on solid nets. In our assortment, you will find several different models of paving stones on mesh and with different pattern assemblies. A quick and easy way to lay paving stones. You avoid the stone's varying format and can easily work with an even best setting sand, stone flour or above all stone chips . The paving stone also comes with ready-made joint widths to be able to join with joint sand. We mainly recommend ours flexible hard joint for paving on netting as this stabilizes the surface and keeps weeds and vermin away.

Storgatsten - For paving, edges, frames and borders

Storgatsteinen, on the other hand, has a larger format and is also a perfect building stone for corridors and drivable surfaces. Both light and heavy traffic can strain the surface, and paving stones for garage driveways are a really appreciated choice by our customers. Storgatsten is also commonly used as curbstone around surfaces and as beautiful borders and contrasting markings. Storgatsten is available in various surface treatments and you simply choose a stone according to your liking and taste. Extra large life and increased power you can give one flagstone surface of concrete stone when you frame this with the cobblestone. All our large paving stones come in the natural stone material granite. A durable material that only gets more beautiful with age and the more it is worn.

Choosing paving stones

Choose between paving stones with a tumbled surface , rustic appearance and in a modern vintage. The paving stone is a perfect choice of stone and is well suited for paving in gardens as well as in the public environment. Paving stone, both large and small, is also often found as a frame and border around flagstone surfaces, to decorate a concrete stone surface and as a neat row next to a curbstone. This gives a stronger frame and increased power, as well as a perfect line to run the mower's tires on to avoid grass trimmers. Granite curbstone is a very popular choice to install next to paving stones as the material hangs together and provides a very beautiful setting.