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Granite ceramics

Granite ceramic is a strong material partly made from finely ground porcelain clays. The tiles have a high material density and low moisture absorption, which makes the granite ceramics incredibly durable and resistant to dirt and scratches. A granite ceramic comes with a long life and provides a surface that is easy to maintain. 

Granite ceramics are only becoming more and more popular and today we see a great demand for these types of garden tiles. The ceramic tiles are frost-resistant, which makes them a good choice in our harsh outdoor climate. The frost-resistant surface of the granite ceramic makes it well suited and an excellent choice for those who want to lay a patio, garden path, conservatory, outdoor shower or build a greenhouse. If you also cast a concrete slab and set granite ceramics with fix and joint, our 20mm thick slabs can also be used for a driveable surface.

As granite ceramics barely absorb water, it becomes more difficult to get growth on the surface and the slab becomes easy to maintain. Choose from a wide range of colors, structures and formats and find your future granite ceramics with us at Stenbolaget . 


Granite ceramics are manufactured at high temperatures and under very high pressure. The patterned surface is also carefully selected and produced to make the tiles in the series as lifelike as possible. In our range you will find a wide palette of earthy tones and textures that imitate real natural stone. From our darkest stone slab Tjörn with its black tone, to one of the lightest in the series Björkskär.

The different series in the assortment have been named after coasts and islands around our long country. And you can certainly associate any of them with a holiday memory or two. The pattern and texture of the surface is a big factor in why the stone is perceived as alive and so natural. Granite ceramics has nothing to do with granite, but is a term to explain the hardness, density and strength of the tiles.


We have focused primarily on really large formats of our outdoor clinker/granite ceramic and you get a modern surface with fewer joints. The majority of our tiles can be found in the large format 897x597mm and also in the smaller size 597x597mm.

Large slabs give a beautiful pattern as the texture wanders beautifully through the stone. Pattern matching can be difficult but definitely worth thinking about when assembling your new patio. The tiles come in several different patterns and are adapted and distributed over the surface during the actual installation for as good a spread and vivid results as possible.

Large formats are really in fashion and are also suitable for paving as lovely stepping stones in grass and gravel paths.


In addition to the tiles, our granite ceramics are also available in matching pool curb stones for a complete pool area. The pool stones form the pool edge itself and with a softly rounded edge will be able to withstand a cooling dip during the hot days of the year. Pool stones at the stone company are available in both straight models with associated corner stones for a complete pool package.


Granite ceramic is an incredibly forgiving and hard-wearing material that, due to its scratch resistance and dense surface, does not absorb stains and dirt as easily as other tiles and outdoor tiles can. But since the tiles are outdoors, of course the surface may need to be washed off. Water and a brush are usually used to wash your outdoor floor, but can be enhanced with certain types of stone cleaning and stone soap . Finishing is rarely required and the tiles provide a finished surface to use and enjoy.