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Granite stairs & Block steps

Here you will find solid stair blocks and steps in beautiful granite. We also have thinner stair cladding to cover an existing staircase, or a concrete foundation with. A granite stone staircase increases the value of your entrance and garden considerably and gives a solid impression. Combining your granite stairs with other granite products in the range creates an exclusive and exciting environment in the garden. Our gray granite is available in a whole range of different products suitable for different purposes. A granite staircase works at least as well in the public environment as in the private villa garden. Installing a granite staircase increases the value, the impression and remains lying for many many years. Granite is a living natural material that only becomes more beautiful with age and the more it is worn.

The front of the granite stairs is rough-hewn and the top surface, also called a flat ladder, is beautifully blasted for a comfortable foothold and for a slightly more non-slip surface.

Choose between curbstones , posts , granite slabs and lots of other things to get a coherent garden environment with your stone stairs. A granite staircase feels exclusive and stays beautiful over time, making it the best investment among stone stairs on the market. You can't really compare granite to concrete or wooden stairs. Granite stands up, is maintenance-free and you completely avoid screw heads and sticks that wooden stairs can give off.

And for those of you who are going to build an entrance staircase to the house, we recommend looking at our category of entrance stairs . Here you will find a series of large block steps in mammoth formats.