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Skiffer för golv och vägg inomhus

Indoors - Slate

Have you thought about laying slate indoors?
Why not lay a stylish and vibrant stone floor in slate, or mount a slate wall instead of boring wallpaper? Here in our indoor slate category, you will find lots of different stone products that look both rustic and are perfectly suited for floors and walls indoors. Of course, you can use the natural surfaces outdoors as well. But since the thickness is thinner, these should then be mounted on a cast base. Perfect for those who are going to cover a staircase, cover a house foundation or even lay a new stone floor in a conservatory. A natural surface or claw surface as it is also called comes with a rough structure which gives a good grip for the foot. This type of surface gives the slate floor a great character in the home where it is installed. A rustic feel that echoes the Swedish mountains.
Slate is a beautiful layered rock with vibrant hues and rich in vibrant texture.

Slate for garden and indoors
Natural stone and above all slate and granite are two hard natural materials that are suitable both outdoors and indoors. Slate does well in the different rooms of the home, but nevertheless in the garden where we most often find it. Slate gives a cozy feeling and a living surface wherever you install the stone.
Create a sturdy floor with slate tiles, or a lively outdoor space. A slate floor never looks the same as in someone else's home and you can be absolutely sure that the slate floor feels unique.

Various surface treatments on slate
The tiles with a sanded and brushed surface in various designs are designed for a nice and smooth feel and are mainly suitable for indoor floors. Natural surface and claw surface, on the other hand, provide a good paving both inside and outside. Installation of thinly calibrated stone slabs takes place on a solid surface with the right type of fix and joint . If you are looking for a thicker slate slab , we recommend you look at our outdoor range. When you are looking for slate for your construction, you will find a wide range and good prices at Stenbolaget.

Scandinavian slate
Our Swedish and Norwegian slate from Offerdal in Jämtland and Oppdal, Otta in Norway are hard slate stones that give an exclusive feeling when installed as floor tiles.
The Scandinavian slate varieties are incredibly popular and in the production there is great craftsmanship that has been preserved for many, many years. The stone is split into large blocks and manufactured in both thicker and thinner, calibrated material. A calibrated floor makes flooring with slate fun and not as time-consuming as choosing an uncalibrated floor. To calibrate slate, the underside is sawn evenly. Our Swedish and Norwegian slate are all perfect for mounting with underfloor heating as the stone conducts heat well.

Otta shale
Ottaskiffer is a frost-resistant slate that is completely unique in its kind, and if you look around the world, there are few slates that live up to it in terms of surface, structure and texture. The stone comes in a dark and almost black shade where the texture of the stone is what makes it so unique. The surface of Ottaskiffer takes on an incredible depth and this is further enhanced when the stone is ground. The play of colors means that Ottaskiffer can be advantageously installed in both homes and public environments. Surfaces where exclusivity is desired, there Ottaskiffer makes a great impression. Choose between different widths and to buy the stone in so-called falling lengths where the joints of the tiles give the floor extra life and playfulness.

You can mount the slate on both floor and wall and around the Norwegian mountain world we will find a whole range of roofs that are coated with Otta slate. Ottaskiffer is also used in our Scandinavian gardens as patios and garden paths. However, a thicker material should be used for such an assembly.

A slate whose character plays a big role in your choice of stone!
With Ottaskiffer, you can feel sure that you will get a unique home environment in which to thrive.

Oppdal shale
Oppdal slate is a richly hue-changing slate from Norway. The stone strikes in light gray tones where some darker streaks, greenish-beige sections and next blue plates may appear. A slate floor rich in vivid patterns. For interiors such as floors and walls, slate from Oppdal is a perfect choice! The wear resistance and durability of Oppdal slate is very good and you can use it for all surfaces in the home. What determines is which room you will install and the processing of the slate you choose. For example, you should have a little more texture and texture in a bathroom so that your floor doesn't feel so slippery. Then it is clearly beneficial to have a smooth and smooth surface in the other rooms of the home from a purely cleaning point of view. A sanded or silk-brushed surface is easy to care for and cleaning is easier to do. Antikborstad is also an alternative to the surfaces of the home and here you get a stone that feels more rustic but still smooth and comfortable for the foot. Oppdal slate is incredibly hard and you can install it in both private home environments and public areas.

Offerdal shale
Offerdal slate is one of our absolute prides at Stenbolaget. In our range, you will find everything from outdoor tiles in irregular shapes, stepping stones and sawn slab floors to cut shapes such as pool stone and beautiful slate tiles for floors and walls indoors. Offerdals slate is a pencil gray and dark gray slate from Jämtland. The tiles do great in the home and have a high wear resistance and resist stains and scratches well. A tip is to impregnate your new slate floor after installation, so you can then enjoy it for many, many years to come. Products for stone cleaning, stain removal and impregnation can be found in our range of stone treatment . Slate varies beautifully between lots and even from slab to slab. Slate from Offerdal can hold both blue, grey, dark, light and almost green tones. The slate works well to install with underfloor heating and can gild both the floor and wall in the hall, kitchen, bathroom and living room. And as we touched on earlier, this slate stone can also be installed as a floor in a conservatory, stairs or foundation. You need a firm base of concrete and mount the stone with a natural stone fixer and natural stone joint for this to work well.

Slate is beautiful to look at and it is precisely the lovely shifts in shade and texture that make it so alive. Above all, when you sand the surface, the color changes are intensified more than with a natural claw surface. Let your new floor take off and choose to install Offerdal slate. You won't be dissatisfied, we can promise that.