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Curbstone & Edge support

Curbs and curb supports frame and hold your paving in place and provide extra stability to the surface. Edging is installed around the laying and, like a frame on a painting, it is also used for demarcation and clarity between flower beds, lawns, roads and other surfaces. Curbs come in different materials and you can buy both Granite and concrete curbs in our selection. Curbstones are available in a range of different sizes, structures and shades well suited for different purposes and classifications.

Curbstone is an important component for your paving to have a sustainable result and a stable framing. The edging secures your surface and makes it stick together and remain beautiful in the future. In addition to its stable function, the curbstone also provides a decorative frame and puts the finishing touch around your paving, paving stones or flagstones. In our assortment of curbstones and curb supports, you will also find steel edges in aluzinc and corten steel .

Edge support in steel provides a practical frame and is super easy to press into grass and soil. The edge support comes with associated soil reinforcement spikes that are assembled together and function as stability down into the ground surface.

Choose the right curbstone

Are you in the planning stage to lay ground stone , decorative stone or granite slabs ? Then you should also find a curbstone or edge support that fits your surface. It is important that the curbstone is dug down and cast properly so that it sits in place and really gives the paving the support it needs. How much you need to dig down and which stone you should choose is completely controlled by the load your surface will be exposed to. A stronger curb in a higher dimension comes further into the ground and thus frames more around your surface. A drivable surface requires better framing, while a walkable surface makes gentler demands. A rule of thumb to lean on is that at least half the stone should be installed in the ground. If you have any questions, you can take a look at our big curb guide!

Create clear lines and boundaries

The curb makes a surface easier to maintain and you can, for example, keep away grass, soil and gravel from finding a way onto your flagstone or tiling. Placing a flagstone, paving stone or other row of stone against your curb also enables lawn mowing as the lawnmower gets a track where the wheel can be pulled. This makes it much easier and you can thus avoid grass trimming jobs in the summer. A curb sets a clear line and you easily create frames of different surfaces. Sometimes you may want to have a clear marking between the garden path and the driveway. A curb comes in handy there. Also breaking off in shade between surface and curb can also create a contrast and effective framing.

Choose the right material for your curb.

Curbstones and curb supports come in a range of different materials. We strike an extra blow for granite curbstones as these have an incredibly long lifespan and only become more beautiful with age. Granite curbstone from Stenbolaget comes with high quality and many of our models also have an extra long warranty period. Granite is also a natural material that gives an extra beautiful and lively surface that concrete curbs have more difficulty with. Granite curbstones come in a whole host of different sizes, designs and many of them with associated radius curbstones to be able to create soft curves in the garden. But regardless of which stone you choose, you will find it in our range and at low prices!

Edge support in trendy steel design

Edge support i corten steel and Aluzinc has really taken root in the garden market. The edge supports are available in a whole range of different dimensions and provide a practical framing of flower beds and ground surfaces. Corten steel is also available in ready-made versions flower boxes which adds a nice detail to the garden and patio. The products arrive unroasted but quickly acquire their patina with weather and wind as long as the edge support is mounted outdoors.

Build a stone staircase with curbstone

We all probably recognize problems with slopes and terrain in the garden. Being able to create a stone staircase is often appreciated and a good choice for both aesthetics and functionality. Choose to install curbstone as the front step and riser. Bury the edge support properly, cast the stone in the bottom while you then fill up behind the edge with crushed stone , chips/stone flour and optional stone material for the tread of the stairs. This surface is called a step and can be decorated with both paving stones, flagstones, tiles or ground bricks . Choose a curbstone and stone that match each other and customize your garden steps.