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Cobblestones & Cat Skulls

Cobblestones, also called cat skulls, are naturally round stones that come from cobblestones. These rocks were formed when the ice sheet slowly moved over Sweden thousands of years ago. The most common color of cobblestones is grey/red , but they can also have elements of beige and sand color in them. Today there are also other types of stone and decorative stones in cobblestone format to choose from.

Cobblestones have many uses in a garden. It is perfect for hiding drainage gravel around the house and for preventing soil and sand from splashing onto the house foundation when it rains. With cobblestones, you get a timeless and rustic paving and create space for playing with shape. 

You buy cobblestones at a good price from us at Stenbolaget.

Large bags and loose weight

We sell many different cobblestones and stronger decorative stones. You will find a wide palette of colors, shades and stone types. In our webshop you can buy all the cat skulls and the decor in large bags. Perfect to be able to be delivered with other stone products in our range. 

In some of our stores, you also have the option of buying grey/red cobblestones in sizes 100-200 in bulk. You choose the volume you want to buy and we weigh and load your trailer with one of our wheel loaders equipped with scales.

Cobblestone for various uses

Cobblestone is relatively easy to lay and sets a contrast to other otherwise straight lines around garden paths and patios. Choose the side of the stone you want facing up in your paving and adjust stone by stone to find your design and your style. Some stones are smoother than others and you are sure to get a unique surface that is rarely the same.

The cobblestone works very well as a decorative stone , around the foundation of the house and to set the cobblestone as a curb stone around your stone surface. The curbstone then becomes undulating and irregular, which can give a natural break to the surface. A traditional natural stone that provides living surfaces. When we look for older neighborhoods and urban environments, we often come across cobblestones with a beautiful patina and almost completely smooth surface that has been lying for hundreds of years.

Cobblestones are also often used as whole stone settings, but rarely for walkable surfaces as the surface of the stone becomes uneven and difficult to walk on. In these cases, we mainly recommend our natural stone slabs in Granite or slate . Cat skulls can also be mounted as a decorative surface, on slopes and terrain. 

Install cobblestones and stronger decorative stones

How to lay cobblestones.