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Pavers give the garden both stability, function and a beautiful surface.

Laying paving stones is both fun and, with relatively few steps, creates a surface that provides practical outdoor floors, stylish paving stones and functional paths in the garden. The first steps are, of course, to choose the right flagstone for the project and find a stone you like. Paving stones at the stone company are available in a whole range of different sizes, surface treatments and shades, and of course you choose a paving stone that suits your garden. The function and load of the surface also play a big role in your choice of stone. Should the surface be loaded as a clean patio, outdoor floor in a greenhouse, as a garden path, or should your paving stone be purely drivable? For some paving, you need to use a thicker ground stone, but in most cases you can get by with a thickness of 50mm.

Are you looking for cheap paving stones? Then you have found the right place! Our popular series paving stone as Visby , Modern , Drottningholm , Scala and Rustik all come with a standard thickness of 50mm and are adapted for passenger car traffic and at really low prices. The load class is of course also dependent on a correct sub-work being carried out.

But also paving stones in Mica slate and a range of other materials can create exciting outdoor environments with great function and design. And a material that has really arrived in recent years and found a home on the Swedish market is Ground brick . Floor tiles are available in warm colors and form a perfect flooring in both conservatories and greenhouses.

Classic or modern flagstone

Do you dream of a lovely patio in the garden? Or maybe a new garage driveway? We have flagstones that are perfect for functional, beautiful and social environments. Read more about classic and modern outdoor floors here .

Find a paving stone that suits your garden style. A classic tumbled flagstone comes with a beaten surface where the impression is of an older stamp. The tumbled flagstone comes in different shades and shapes and comes with a textured side and a smooth side. Our Moderna flagstone comes with a smooth surface and with a small chamfer. This provides a stylish surface with great function and design. To break the modern smooth surface with a rough cut granite curbstone creates something completely extra.

Laying paving stones - how is it done?

The basis of a good understudy is that a fiber cloth grounds the excavated surface. The fiber cloth is placed with an overlap on its sides and forms a ground separator between the existing mass and the material you are now going to fill up with.

Rock crushed stone is laid out with a depth that is based on the load your paving stones should have. Crushed rock 0-32 is what we use as fill and bearing layer and becomes an incredibly hard and packed core for your ground stone. Make sure you get a fall on your surface so the water can drain.

The last step before your ground stone starts to be laid is to pull off a setting bed of approx. 3 cm stone flour or stone chips . This bed becomes the base for the ground stone itself before it is joined at a later stage.

curbstone to your flagstone

To get extra stability and locking in your surface, curb stones should be installed. This is most easily done before laying so that you still have a line to start from. Curbstones are installed into the ground and will also frame the filling masses underneath. Curbstones are also available in a wide range. choose between granite curb , concrete curb and choose a size that is adapted to the load to be placed on your flagstone surface.

Joint your flagstone

The last step when you have laid your ground stone is jointing the surface. Joint sand goes into the cracks and spacers created when you laid the stone. Most of the flagstone models we sell at Stenbolaget have spacers around the stone itself. This means that you get a ready distance for the joint to easily find your way into when you lay paving stones.

When it comes to joint sand, there are a number of different options. Simple stone flour, joint sand and decorative joint to more weed-inhibiting and nasty joints for garden ants. Flexible hard joint is such a joint sand. The joint hardens in contact with water and gives your paving the best stability you can give it. Get rid of weeds and ants and get cleaner outdoor floors.

When you then want to wash off your ground stone, this is absolutely easiest with a brush and water. In the case of stains and heavy soiling, cleaning agents can be used. Even remaining stone flour can be used together with a brush and act as a peeling at the spots and if moss coating and algae have settled on parts of the surface. After scrubbing, rinse the surface thoroughly.

Markstone at Stenbolaget

We offer you the market's largest selection and fast deliveries. Our assortment includes paving stones for patios, garden paths, driveways and other paving in your garden. Choose between different paving stones in different colors, shapes and surface textures. Do you have difficulty choosing a stone and finding yours? accessories then we will be happy to help you via our customer service or in store. Regardless of whether you are building a new patio or a driveway, we have stone for you! And for those of you who plan to carry out the work yourself, we can really recommend our flagstone guide - Laying paving stones in 5 easy steps!