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Ground brick

Ground tile is a lovely product that, with its format, is very reminiscent of ground stone . The floor tile's surface has a slightly torn structure that gives both life and variety to the paving while you get a nice grip underfoot. The stone's structure gives a rough feel without feeling sharp.

Stenbolaget's floor tiles are in warm tones and give a slightly southern European feel that creates both calm and harmony in the garden. Create a lovely garden oasis, a stone floor in your greenhouse, or mysterious walkways that let you be led through the garden. You will find a range of different bricks for paving in a wide range of colors with us at Stenbolaget . 

Market tile has really come on strong in the market and is today a very popular and in-demand product. Ground tiles are made from fired clay that is molded under hard pressure and very high temperatures. The floor tile also has a low water absorption and is frost resistant, which makes it perfectly suited to our changing climate and cold winters. This means that you get a brick that maintains a high quality and stands up to the load and wear and tear of the garden. With its long lifespan and relatively easy maintenance, you get a patio, greenhouse floor and garden that looks beautiful year after year.

Caring for your floor tile

Weather and wind play a big role in how our outdoor floors are worn and get their patina, and rainwater can also bring out the extra nuances in ground bricks. It is the use of the surface and precisely the weather that gives the brick its charm. This gives you a unique surface that sets an antique stamp that only gets more beautiful with age. With water, the brick intensifies and a red ground brick becomes even redder when it gets wet. Ground tiles do not excrete lime deposits like other concrete ground stones can, so this is a clear advantage of this type of outdoor flooring. Washing of the outdoor floor can of course sometimes be needed, and this is to ensure that your floor tile has as long and beautiful a life as possible. To clean your floor tile, you mainly use water and a brush. But in the case of more serious soiling, stone cleaners can be useful. Even sand can in some cases peel away superficial dirt from the surface of the ground brick. For example, in greenhouses and patios where pots are often displayed, the pot can sometimes release soil that can dirty the surface. In these cases, you may need to clean after each season regardless of the type of stone floor you install. But unlike wooden floors, stone is not damaged by this.

Ground tiles in greenhouse

Many have probably seen the latest trend of installing stone floors in conservatories and not least in greenhouses. Garden programs and interior design magazines replace each other with installation tips for just these types of outdoor flooring. The great thing about ground bricks is that the bricks can be combined in a number of different laying patterns. This creates life and you can simply find a design that suits your outdoor space and your style. Combining the warm tones of earthen bricks with flower pots, plants and textiles gives a cozy feeling and sets that cozy factor right away. Combine with rustic water barrels, planter urns and flower pots and highlight your ground brick a little extra. A nice combination that really brings us to the south of Europe is to decorate your brick floor with just flower pots and really with surfaces for plants to live. Planter boxes in corten steel are also a stylish detail.

Framing your ground brick

For the absolute best framing, stability in the surface and aesthetic success, we recommend that a curb is mounted around the surface. Whichever laying pattern you install the bricks in, the curb gives clarity and sets a nice frame that only increases the impression and creates an eye-catcher. Curbs are available in both concrete and a whole host of different models in granite .

Assemble a garden step with ground bricks

If you install a curb stone as a front and the steps themselves, ground bricks can also be used as landing steps in a simpler garden staircase. The curbstone is mounted as a frame for the step and it is your bricks that make up the aesthetics themselves. When combining ground bricks to different surfaces, a coherent garden is created and the oft-mentioned red thread follows us through the outdoor environment. Stairs can create exciting passages and lead us through otherwise hilly parts of the garden.

Fiber cloth and ground brick

In order to get a framework and stability even under the stone floor, it is important to follow an installation guide and follow all the necessary steps. For best results, a fiber cloth is mounted in your excavated surface and lies as a separator between your existing ground surface and your resurfaced one. It is the bearing layer and the backfill that then create the core where your clay tile floor will then rest. Read more about how to install an outdoor floor made of soil bricks in our large assembly guide .