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Wall cladding & Facade stone

Do you think your house foundation or your old L-support looks boring and bare? Give new life to your wall with facade stone from Stenbolaget.se. With us, you will find many different options of wall covering that you can install if you want to cover your concrete wall or house foundation. We have a wide range of wall coverings in granite, slate and limestone that give new life to your wall construction . Choose between the stone types and find your favorite stone for the garden. Whichever you choose, you will feel a real premium feeling and increase both the impression and value of your garden.

A wall covering can of course also be used as wall covering and covering, for example, a house foundation gives a rustic surface and a solid feeling of a solid stone foundation

Installation of wall cladding

It is important that substrates are firm and free of cracks and loose material. You attach facade stone and wall cladding to leca blocks, L-supports and cast substrates such as walls and house foundations. You install with a natural stone fix and join with a cement-based joint. We do not recommend fitting the stones close together without a joint. Install with a small narrow joint rather than omitting it completely. Stone and especially granite is heavy. So a tip is to always start your assembly from the bottom, this is so that your wall cladding does not slide down during assembly. Double gluing the stones is also an advantage. The fix is ​​then combed on both the surface to be coated and on the back of the stone before it is fixed. If the surface is newly cast and glazed, it should be primed before assembly. The primer gives you a little more structure and adhesion to the surface.

Combine straight stones with corners in the same series

In our range, we have chosen to produce both straight stones and corners in the same series. This is to make installation as easy as possible. The corner stones come ready for the installation of 90° corners. Perfect for stone walls, facades and foundations. Combine different sizes of the same gray granite for an increased effect and create an exciting garden that radiates naturalness and life.

What should you consider when choosing cladding stone?

The materials and formats are many, but the choices are more. In addition to our ready-made wall coverings, there is of course also the option of installing tiles, irregular such as rectangular or square. It's all about the impression you want to get on your surface. The kindest thing you can do is to choose a stone that is relatively uniform in thickness. this provides a faster installation that saves both time and the wallet. An irregular slate, for example, can provide a beautiful break against straighter lines and works both in a classic and modern garden environment. The stone is fixed in the same way, but it varies in thickness, so you can expect to smooth a lot under the tiles to get as even a facade surface and wall covering as possible.