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The brick.

A brick can be used as a nicer divider or framing of your garden. The bricks are available in a range of different sizes, colours, shapes and with different surface treatments and recommended building heights. Choose a free-standing wall instead of a wooden fence and get an easy-to-maintain product that stays beautiful over the years and where you avoid all the tedious sanding and oiling before each gardening season. In our category of free-standing walls, you will find smooth-sided bricks, tumbled brick blocks, bricks with a cracked and living front as well as a range of different bricks and blocks in beautiful granite. If, on the other hand, it is a retaining wall you are looking for, we also have a wide range of these. With the help of a retaining wall, you can flatten a sloping lot into more usable areas where space for socializing and playing is easily created. No matter what brick you are looking for, you will find it in our large range of stone walls! And if you are looking for further inspiration, pictures and want to see how other customers solved their brick buildings, you can take a look at one of our inspiration articles .

One thing is certain, regardless of whether you intend to build the tall dream wall, a smaller flower bed wall, supplement an already existing garden wall or simply just put bricks as an edge around a landscaping, you will find what you are looking for here.

What do I need for my brick?

Remember to build your brick with the right accessories. Some bricks are advantageously glued together, while retaining walls often have a slightly more advanced construction with locking plugs and in some cases and higher projects also geonets. There are a number of different accessories, tools and fillers that you need when building your bricks into a garden wall. Some stones and structures need less while some more advanced masonry structures simply need more. Take part in our tips & advice and read more about each wall on its product page. We also recommend that you deepen your knowledge before construction in our big guide to building a retaining wall in 7 steps .

Choice of bricks

Remember to always start by reviewing your needs when finding your dream wall. How high a wall should you build? how much can you dig out of the ground? What color do you want your brick to be? Do you want big sturdy bricks or smaller and more attractive blocks? Can the wall lean inwards or does your garden wall need to be built completely vertically at the front? Do you need a straight wall? Curved wall? Or maybe just a garden wall with 90° corners. The more questions you can clarify, the narrower the path and the easier the choice of bricks.

Terracing creates homely surfaces

Building a retaining wall increases the value of the entire plot. You often free up vacant space, which in turn is valuable. But the overall impression of the house and garden is also enhanced. A popular solution with our customers is to build the bricks in terraces. You can then create planting areas, areas for decorative stone and decoration and relieve the pressure behind the wall itself.

Choose between granite wall , concrete wall, wall cladding and massive wall blocks and finish with a beautiful unveiling for the best results! Find your favorite brick today.