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Sand, grus & singel

Sand, gravel & shingle

Buy all materials at Storsäck! Small bags! Or loose weight loaded on your trailer!

Here in Stenbolaget's online store, we sell all our loose materials in large bags of 1000 kg. You will find everything from fine sand to different types of sand, macadam, crushed material, bearing layers, gravel and shingle. Choose between picking up the bag yourself in one of our stores or ordering with convenient home delivery. One factor that makes the large sack so practical is that you can get it with other stone products you order from the range. And that this does not soil the unloading site as other tipped material can otherwise do. Filling, bearing layers and loose materials are important factors when you are building stone wall , lay ground stone , put kerbs , build stone stairs and create a stone setting or lay a gravel path. All gravel materials have their intended place in the garden and it is precisely the substructure that provides a stable stone surface that lasts in the long run. In all our smart guides and assembly instructions then we list exactly what type of sand, gravel and crushing material you need to succeed.

The assortment in our stores

In our stores, we also offer large parts of our range for collection by trailer. stone chips, stone flour, rock crusher, macadam and walking track are available as loose material to be able to buy in any weight loaded on a trailer or truck. Of course, we help with a weighted bucket, so that you are sure that you go home with the right volume for your project and the right weight for your trailer, of course. We also sell the material in flexible small bags that you can fill up yourself with a shovel. On site at our facilities and stores, you can buy both sand, gravel, shingle and soil for construction and planting. Here you can easily drive in with a trailer and be loaded with exactly the volume your project needs. Contact our customer service for availability and balance questions. Follow our guides on how to lay paving stones and how to best build a retaining wall, this to see which crushing materials you need for the project.

Sand and finer crushed material for paving

We have a range of different sands for the garden project. Everything from small projects to really big ones. Sandbox sand 0-2 works wonders for the little creator and provides a malleable surface and fun creation. The pipe burial gravel is a coarser sand with fraction 0-8 that is used for backfilling around pipes and pipes. Stone flour 0-8 is a tiling material that is used as a bed for your paving. A setting sand that provides a stable bed and creates weight in your tiling. Macadam/Flis 2-6 is a perfect gravel material for the bed for your paving. Stone chips lack the finest fractions that other sand and stone flour otherwise have and provide good drainage and are optimal for installing natural stone. Stone chips are also an optimal choice for moisture-sensitive stone and natural stone slabs such as granite, limestone and slate.

Gravel, crusher and bearing layer

Macadam 8-16 is a draining material that diverts masses of water from, for example, house foundations, behind retaining walls and around other moisture-sensitive places. Rock crusher 0-32 constitutes the compacted surface and core behind a retaining wall, under a flagstone surface and slabs, both walkable and drivable surfaces. You compact your rock crusher well and then bed with stone flour, setting sand or macadam/chips as the actual setting bed for your tiles.

Single and decorative stone

Occasional single 8-16 , fine single 16-28 , farm gravel 4-8 , lake shingle and cobblestone are all materials for topping and the decorative surface. You choose from a range of different fractions and sizes and choose a shingle that fits your garden. The smaller stones are the ones that are packed the most and provide a load-bearing surface for walking, cycling and in some cases also parking areas, while the larger ones provide beautiful decoration along the wall, body of the house and other places in the garden. Single and decorative stone give the garden a facelift with small means and too small a budget.

Discount land and construction land

A perfect planting soil in bulk. Stenbolaget's flower bed and perennial soil is a flower soil and perfect flower bed soil that gives the flower bed nutrition and recovery. Choosing a high-quality soil for your plants is very important for the plant's start and stay in the ground. Buy our discount soil in large bags for collection or home delivery. 

See also Vegetable soil Type A for a really good and affordable soil. This is root weed free and well suited for planting shrubs, trees and establishing a lawn. You can also buy Plant Soil Type A in bulk or large bags and can quickly have your soil delivered to your home.

Cover bark for a protective layer of your flower bed.

Our cover bark is made of spruce and pine. Cover bark is a must for many different plantings. What the covering bark does is that it lies like a blanket over the earth and assists the earth as a helping hand and with a protective effect. Protection against frost and cold, protection against weeds, encapsulation of moisture to make it stay in the soil and avoid evaporation. These are some of the advantages you get when you buy cover bark in bulk or cover bark in large bags from us at Stenbolaget. Cover bark also fulfills a decorative function in the garden and provides a natural bed that fits perfectly into the green outdoor space.

Top suit

You can buy this lawn's best friend quickly and conveniently from us at Stenbolaget. You will have the sack delivered or you can pick it up yourself at selected stores. The advantage of buying home delivery is that you can have all products delivered together, both bag and pallet. Top dressing lawn can be both necessary and desirable, especially before the summer's dry period. We recommend that you top-dress your surface during spring and autumn, and some parts of the top-dressed surface may need to be repeated several times a year. Be extra careful with grass surfaces that have turned brown or dry. You may need to top dress and sow with extra grass seed to repair some areas. You can find top suit in large sack and top suit in loose weight here!