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Sjösten & Sjösingel

Sjözingel is taken from the bottom of the sea and has naturally acquired its soft shape and its straight path into our Swedish garden hearts. This decorative stone is perfect to decorate your garden with. And you easily and quickly create a surface that feels luxurious and alive. You will find sea stone and sea single in many different shades in our assortment. Choose between white and white melange, grey-brown and yellow melange lake single with us at Stenbolaget. The mottled decorative stones come in a wide variety of colors and shades. Choose between buying sea stones in small bags and large bags and find a volume and stone size that suits your garden area and your needs. For a complete range of decorative stones , you can also take a look at our gently tumbled decorative stones and crushed decorative stones . And a tip from us is to frame your surfaces with curbstones and opt for a fiber cloth to lay at the bottom for the best possible results. So create the neighborhood's most detailed and polished garden. Because one thing is certain, sea stone and sea shingle give a warm feeling and homely surfaces wherever you put it.

Different sizes

We know that the garden has many rooms and that all garden areas have different needs. That is why we have chosen a number of different sizes of sea single in our range. 8-16 are the smaller fractions and provide a comfortable surface to walk on. 16-32 is one of our most popular stone sizes of sea stone and you can use it for walkways, patios and purely decorative surfaces. But sea stone comes in a range of other sizes as well, so visit our range and find your favourite.

Riverstone a stone with many shades

Riverstone is one of our real best sellers and comes in what we call multicolor. This means that river stone comes in a wide range of colors and shades. This gives an exciting paving and creates contrasts few other stones can manage. The Riverstone range gives a beach feel and often reminds us of the miles of coastal walks. Here you will also find several exciting sizes ranging from button size up to cobblestone format. Harmony and liveliness go hand in hand with your choice of sea stone. Find the holiday feeling and find your favorite of our riverstones today!

Why should you choose sea stone?

Regardless of the style of the garden, the lake shingle will provide a timeless decoration for the conservatory, and being able to choose from a wide range of color shades and sizes makes the choice extra fun. The stone is polished by the sea and the undulating surface of the lakes and gives a natural touch to conservatories and garden paths, driveways and around the foundation of the house. Regardless of whether you have a classic turn-of-the-century house, modern new construction, traditional croft or log cabin, the stone company's sea stone fits very well into the garden. Create patios, garden paths, parking space for the car, large free decorative areas and smaller decorations. And remember that the beautiful also lives in the small. So regardless of whether you only have a flower pot or a small flower bed that needs to be decorated, our small 20 kg bags are perfect.