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Laying slate outdoors is very popular and our range of colours, origins and formats is only growing. You will find many different types of slate with everything from warm shades, sandy tones, popular mica slate and traditional Offerdal slate.

Thanks to its beautiful appearance and its hardness, slate is a popular natural stone in both the garden and for the interior surfaces of the home. Slate comes in a wide range and you can choose between paving stones, slabs, slabs and stepping stones.

Slate is a beautiful rock with vibrant shades and iridescent surfaces that bring living garden surfaces. When the stone is split during production, the surfaces become very lively. Many of the slate stones come with a so-called claw surface, which gives a structured and somewhat uneven surface where you get a grip-friendly surface structure but which at the same time provides a nice walking surface. Slate can be installed in both macadam/chips and in natural stone fix on a poured concrete slab. The different methods obviously give different end results, but also require completely different sub-work and are of great importance for different types of load on the surfaces. nChoose the correct installation method for your slate and the thickness of stone you have chosen.

Different formats create exciting layouts

The irregular slate gives room for great creativity when laying the stones. The stone comes in widely varying sizes and is processed and adapted to the installation well on site. This is an incredibly fun process where hot unique patterns and adaptations will need to be made along the way to a finished slate surface. Combining the irregular format with sawn tiles and poured floors in the same material provides clear transitions between surfaces of different classes and can create extra effect.

Slate - a good choice for the whole garden

Many of Stenbolaget's different types of slate come in a series of different products, to be able to adapt through the project. Slate stone is one of our most popular stone choices among our customers.

Slate - Craft and tradition

One of our Swedish prides when it comes to slate is our Offerdals slate. The stone that is quarried and processed in Jämtland comes in a pencil-colored stone shade that adds a beautiful touch to the garden. Offerdal slate has been laid in our gardens for many, many years and the production has great craftsmanship and tradition. Offerdals slate is available in both sawn slate slabs, slate slabs and in irregular shapes. Norway also comes with a range of different types of slate which are well-liked and popular alternatives to the garden. Oppdal and Ottaskiffer are two of these and are found in a range of different models and sizes in the range.

Stepping stones make it easy to succeed
Steppingstones, treadstones and stepstones are all names for ready-made stepping stones. Sometimes you just want to create a simple slate walkway and homely passage in the garden. Our stepping stones provide a quick solution to this. Stepping stones, as they are also often called, you simply drop into a gravel path and lawn and you get a garden path with attitude with little effort and for cheap.