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Top stone & Crown plates

Top stone, crest plate or capping are all names for the stone plate that is mounted as a finish and crest on your wall. When you are simply finished building the wall, it is time to put the capstone. It's a simple job and makes a big difference to any stone wall. You get a more finished feel and a finish that frames your entire stone wall. Top stone also provides a practical storage area where garden decor can be placed and on low and smaller stone walls, a crest plate can be turned into a comfortable sitting area. 

At Stenbolaget, we offer capstone for all types of retaining walls and free-standing walls , in both granite and concrete stone. Choose a covering that fits the wall to your project and choose a crown plate that maintains a format so that you both cover the top surface of the brick and get a protrusion and overhang. Our range of cladding and crown tiles has become wider over the years and today we offer many different formats and finishes, with everything from modern surfaces to rustic impressions . Many of our top stones come with a carved long side to increase the impression and give a natural touch to the wall.

Unveiling in granite, a natural crest

Choosing a granite wall crest gives a special feeling and creates a solid frame and extra frame for the garden wall. Granite is a durable natural material that only gets more beautiful with age, and you can choose from a wide range of different surface treatments, dimensions and stone shades. For example, installing granite cladding to a concrete wall can really add that extra feeling and increase the value of the entire wall. In our range at Stenbolaget, you will find a whole range of different products in our gray granite. All adapted for different purposes and to be able to create a common thread through the entire garden project.

Assembly - Quick and easy

When you're done with the wall itself, it's time to put your capstone. It's a simple job and makes a big difference to any stone wall. 

You apply the crown stone with a couple of strands of stone glue on each stone. PU598 and Cool Tack 286 are two excellent products that keep your wall covering in place and the glue sticks to both concrete and natural stone. Installation is quick and easy and cheap. And the funny thing is that you can mount a top stone on both a newly installed wall and an older wall. The unveiling can give the old wall a new shine, especially when you choose a top stone in natural stone. Sometimes the wall swings and is built at an angle, and the top stone may then need to be cut or simply split in half. Any cuts are most easily done with a round cut or angle grinder with a diamond blade. To get a carved and rugged short side, the stone can be carefully traced around and then broken off with a chisel. The moment is followed by cutting to the flat surfaces that the saw blade left behind. However, this is more advanced to get really neat so we recommend that you test on a stone first to get the cut in and avoid too much spillage.

Once your capstone is mounted, just sit back and enjoy the finished result.