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Architects and regulators

Often it is with you as an architect, landscape architect and regulator that construction starts and takes off. Planning and carefully selected materials form the basis for a successful project in both public and private home environments. We provide a wide range of stone products, but also produce custom-made products and special orders according to needs and drawings.
We work together with our customers to create a common target image, project solution and to find products for each unique urban project. Regardless of whether it is about renovation, rebuilding or new production, no project is too big or too small.

Outdoor environments, private and public space

Outdoor environments, private and public space

Our focus is to create sustainable environments for people to live in, but also offer granite products from sustainable production. In our category of outdoor products, you will find everything from slabs, slabs and paving stones in natural stone and concrete stone.
But also bricks, block walls, stone steps and posts for both public environments and private homes and gardens.

We provide stone samples and material samples for you as an architect and prescriber.

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Pleasant indoor environments, new production and remodeling

Pleasant indoor environments, new production and remodeling

We are here for you as an architect, prescriber and interior designer. Offering stone products for pleasant indoor environments for people to stay, live and spend their everyday life in is a matter of course for us. So in order to be able to meet the demand that exists, we have chosen to work with a broad product portfolio of carefully selected stone types and granite ceramics specifically for indoor environments!

We provide stone samples and material samples for you as an architect and decorator.

See our standard range for indoor environments
Own granite production

Own granite production

Production of natural stone is a craft that requires a lot of manual work. A large part of the manufacturing is done by workers from China and Portugal under poor working conditions. In order to guarantee working conditions and quality, we have chosen to start a 100% owned factory in Izmir Turkey, where we are responsible for everything being handled according to our values. Now we can guarantee the working conditions and the quality of the products and are 3rd party audited by Sedex, ISO 9001 ISO 26000, Ohsas 18001 and ISO 14001. We will not always be the cheapest but you can trust that we produce stone of the highest quality and take the greatest consideration environment and working conditions. We handle the entire chain from quarry to finished product in stock in Sweden.

We are fully transparent with all our certifications, read more via the link below.

Read more about our production and our certificates