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Find the right style and material for your bathroom

The bathroom is a room where we spend a lot of time and creating as natural a feeling in the room as possible gives us such a harmonious visit to the room. Combine underfloor heating with your bathroom floor to further increase the effect and comfort. The bathroom is a room where a lot of personal time is spent, and soft tones, earthy shades, plants and harmonious floor surfaces bring the whole room to new levels. Common questions we seek answers to when looking for materials for bathrooms are how non-slip and maintenance-free the material is. But even if the floor tiles can be installed with underfloor heating.

Modern surfaces with natural character

The bathroom is one of the most personal rooms in the home. A lot of time is spent here and important factors are function and design. But also being able to create a personal bathroom that feels cozy!

Large bathrooms feel good with large formats on tiles so as not to feel too plot-rich. But the smaller formats can also be absolutely decisive.
The bathroom is a room in the home where the floor falls towards the well as drainage must be created. Here you can play with the different formats in the same series of tiles. Choose to break off with a smaller format on the slab where the fall begins or use the same size over the entire floor. All wells and their location look different. Sometimes you can be forced to come up with exciting solutions for the particular case, so hacking and creativity may be needed along the way.
Regardless of whether you have a classic, industrial or a bathroom with a modern design, the room deserves tiles that measure up. Find the right products and create a cozy bathroom that you enjoy.

Modern bathrooms with granite ceramics

Granite ceramics from Nordic Stones come in natural tiles and beautiful patterns that fit both the classic style of houses, modern surfaces for both small and large bathrooms. You create a Scandinavian style in the bathroom, capture the character and elements of nature and give a luxury feeling that lasts over time!
Perfect to combine with underfloor heating and you get an easy-to-maintain floor and harmonious walls in your bathroom.

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Choose a spill-resistant stone floor for the bathroom

Floors and walls in a bathroom are often done on separate occasions and the choice must feel both stylish and well thought out. For bathrooms, there is a range of different tiles available in different shades, materials and with different origins. Choose tiles that last over time and a material that is durable to get a bathroom that retains its luster.

Tiles and above all granite ceramics are a more durable material than, for example, tiles and are advantageously installed on the bathroom floor. The wall can of course also be covered and you create a coherent bathroom environment in this way.

Granite ceramics in the bathroom create a surface that does not attract stains and scratches as easily as many other materials. One space in the bathroom that deserves extra thought is the shower corner. This surface is often more exposed than the rest of the floor as a number of different cleaning agents are used. Not least when choosing natural stone such as limestone and marble, you should think twice about the shower corner. Limestone is a popular and very popular choice of material in our Scandinavian homes. But limestone is also a softer material that is sensitive to acid and where the stone can be damaged by acidic substances. A granite ceramic inspired by limestone, however, has all the advantages you can be sure of! You get a natural surface with beautiful texture and fossil pattern images, while the tiles are resistant to both spills and scratches.

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Let nature's own shades set the style

When you plan a living bathroom, there are more materials to consider. Why not lay a stylish and lively bathroom floor in slate. Our Swedish and Norwegian slate are all perfect to install with underfloor heating and you can create a cozy feeling in your bathroom and get a nice surface for your feet. Even the walls can of course be dressed up and replace the otherwise unassuming tiles. Slate is available in a wide range of different origins, shades and lots of different formats, all perfectly adapted for floors and walls indoors.
The various formats are available partly in fixed formats, but also in beautifully falling lengths and irregular plates. Choose a format that suits the style of your particular bathroom.
A floor made of precisely irregular slate never looks the same as in someone else's home and you can be absolutely sure that your slate floor will remain unique. You can create a slightly rural cottage feel in a modern environment.
The surface treatment also varies between tiles and you can choose a stone floor with both a natural claw surface, brushed, silk brushed and antique brushed slate tiles.
A claw surface or natural surface as it is also called comes with a rougher structure which provides a good grip for the foot. This type of surface treatment gives the slate floor a great character in the home where it is installed. With slate in the bathroom, you simply let nature's own shades set the style.

Natural feel with slate in the bathroom

The wear resistance and durability of our Scandinavian slate is very high and you can use it for all surfaces of the home. Decisive factors are the processing of the slate you choose. Sometimes you look for a little more texture and structure in a bathroom so that your floor doesn't feel so slippery. But at the same time, a smoother surface is easier to wash off and does not attract as much dirt. Adapt your choice of surface treatment to your home and find the right one for your bathroom.

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Let the room interact with the decor

Invest in keeping a theme for the bathroom and let your room interact with the natural materials and tiles. Furnishings of natural materials, textiles in earthy tones and harmonious colors are often good choices and further enhance the floor's character.

When you have your stone floor and walls in place, there is a lot of fun to be able to play with and lighten up for as homely a feeling as possible. But choose the floor and walls with care and find the right one for your bathroom and the feeling you want to convey.

Invest in keeping a theme for the bathroom and let your room interact with the natural clinker tiles and slate.

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