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The hall, the home's most welcoming room

The house's entrance and the welcoming surface we meet in our homes. In the hall we take off dirty shoes, wet rain jackets and get some sand and gravel in. The hall floor is a surface that deserves a really good choice of material. But the hall is not just a storage area, it is also the first thing you meet and the first impression you get of a home.
Create a harmonious atmosphere and give yourself and your guests a warm welcome with stone floors!

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Tiled floor in hall

Opening the front door to your home should feel pleasant. And being greeted by a beautiful hall floor is everyday luxury at its best.
Tiles and above all granite ceramics are a good choice for the hall floor. The plates withstand tougher grip and are both scratch- and spill-resistant.
Considering the traffic of shoes that takes place on the hall floor, it is a wise choice to use a material that has exactly these two properties. You get an easier-to-maintain floor than with many other material choices. The hall is a surface where water, slush, gravel and sand are easily drawn in, and fitting underfloor heating to your tiled floor also gives it great advantages.
Heated floors in the hall provide both a pleasant floor surface for the feet and help to dry up.
In the hall, we rarely encounter challenges with falls or the like that we directly encounter in the bathroom. Therefore, we can play freely with the size and work with large formats.
With a larger slab, you create space in the hall and get fewer joints across your floor.
A smaller hall floor feels good with light shades and color choices to make it feel more airy. The hall opens up for creativity and you can play freely with both size, shade and surface to find the right one for your home.

Natural tiles in the hall

The hall gives a first impression of the home. But here, function is a big factor. We bring in gravel, slush and snow, so it is important to have a floor that is durable. Granite ceramics provide a beautifully living hall surface that allows the garden and the touch of nature to accompany us through the front door. The tiles come with natural patterns and the impression of real natural stone.
Nature's own patterns but with stronger properties!

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Slate floor in the hall

Natural stone is a beautiful and timeless material. For a long time we have used stone in our homes and gardens. Natural stone is durable and provides a stone floor and a surface that lives freely in shades and structures. Natural stone, such as slate, granite and limestone create something really special. A hard material that sets a soft tone to the home.

Slate in the hall creates something truly unique. Slate is a popular material for both home and garden. A surface of slate sets a natural mark and creates an exclusive feeling immediately when you set foot inside the door. With slate, you get a hard surface but also a beautiful luster and a floor with a soft appearance, which is difficult to achieve with other materials. Slate is a layered natural stone that is made up of layers upon layers. Scandinavian slate is incredibly hard and you can be sure that your hall floor will get a material that keeps the style. Add underfloor heating to the hall and you will have a stone floor that is warm and pleasant during all months of the year.

Scandinavian slate floors

Our slates from Offerdal, Oppdal and Otta are beautiful stones that provide a hall floor to enjoy. The Scandinavian slate is both hard, beautiful and comes in a range of different formats and surface treatments. A good choice for many different rooms and surfaces in the home. With slate, you get a hard-wearing surface that allows both clean and dirty shoes to tread on the floor.

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