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Driveways that stand the test of time

The driveway is one of the first parts you encounter in the garden. A driveway, regardless of whether it is visible or more hidden, you often want to keep it in style with the house and residence. The driveway must be inviting and create a pleasant first meeting. A place for parking your vehicle but also perhaps a nice driveway for bicycles and walking. The driveway must of course be nice, but is also so much more than just an aesthetically pleasing choice. One's choice of materials and construction must fulfill a major function and withstand the load of the vehicle or vehicles that will tread the surface. When planning a driveway, it is important to avoid pitfalls in order to have as maintenance-free a surface as possible. The choice of surface material and execution of the sub-work itself also affects maintenance and care of the surface. Regardless of the material, the subwork is absolutely the most important thing when you are planning for your project and your new driveway!

Concrete or natural stone, what do you prefer?

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Planning is key

An incredibly important step in both planning and implementation is that you think about the water runoff on your surface. When laying paving stones and tiles, you should give the surface a drop of at least 1-2 cm/metre, taking into account the water runoff. How deep you then dig depends on what you are going to use the surface for. If the idea is to lay just a driveway, you need an excavated depth of 35-45 cm. Do a test dig on your plot before you start laying the ground to get to know the soil type and the substrate better. Always put burlap at the bottom as a soil separator to frame your masses. Curbstones should then be installed for framing and stability, and sometimes also drainage gutters to lead water away from the surface towards a well or the like. Good planning is the key to a durable driveway that stands up to time and load.

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Cobblestone for a romantic feel

Smågatsten provides a classic paving with a timeless character. Combine cobblestones and cobblestones through your landscaping and find the right format and pattern for your driveway. As the stone varies in size, adaptation and correction must take place during the journey. Paving stones in arched patterns create a rounder and more romantic garden feeling. Granite comes with a durable and very durable surface and provides a durable driveway for both light and heavy traffic.

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Choosing stone for driveway

Stone comes in a lot of shapes, sizes, shades and stone types. Granite slabs, concrete slabs, paving stones, paving stones and gravel are some popular choices for just one driveway. An important factor in the choice itself is that you look at how your product is traffic-classified. Often it is size in relation to thickness that is decisive. "A long stick is easier to break" and the same is often true of tiles. Cars are heavy and the bigger the plates, the thicker you should use. Granite slabs are available in a range of different thicknesses well suited for a range of different rooms in the garden. Depending on how heavy the traffic will be on the surface, you should look for a classification that is suitable for your project. Paving stones are a very popular choice that are adapted to heavy traffic. The cubic stones provide a stable stone setting but require a slightly different job during the actual execution as they vary in size. Building a driveway with granite in the form of slabs and paving stones gives a premium feel that stands the test of time. A very durable and timeless natural material with long durability!

Paving stones are also a very popular choice for driveways and are often available in a range of different thicknesses and colours. Here you can find a paving stone that matches the color of the house and a paving stone format that suits your style.

Function and design go hand in hand

Flagstone is a lovely product that works for patios, garden paths and driveways. The wide color palette makes it fun to choose, and the choice of format and thickness are important factors for heavily loaded surfaces. Choose a paving stone that is rated for the traffic you intend. Our paving stone series Modern, Visby and Drottningholm are all drivable for cars and blend perfectly into the garden.

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Find driveway inspiration

As in all other choices in the garden and the home, you have to think about your budget. How much can the driveway cost and look at the whole picture. Different surface materials cost different amounts. The base, the filling and the supporting core must also be included. Should you do it yourself or hire a contractor and stone setter for the actual execution?

There are a number of different materials to choose from and stone provides a strong construction as well as a driveway that keeps the style. Consider what kind of garage driveway you want to create and what different styles you are inspired by. A good tip is to take a couple of long walks and see how others have done to find more inspiration for their dream driveway. In the long run, it will be worth it that good planning is the basis for your driveway. Both in terms of sustainability, but also adapted to your chosen style and your aesthetic choices.

Gravel provides flexibility

Gravel and various types of shingles are also a popular choice when talking about driveways. The relatively cheap material provides both a simplicity and can be done yourself easily. The gravel driveway provides an inviting welcome. Extra important when a gravel driveway is to be built is to secure the escape of the stones with a curb. Gravel moves and you have to count on raking it repeatedly. But the classic feeling together with the simplicity weighs heavily in many cases.

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Intertwine your driveway with the garden

When planning a garden, the driveway and the patio often come into play. There are spaces in the garden that account for a lot of time spent and those places with the greatest demand for good function. But the different rooms don't always have to be experienced so differently. Creating a homely driveway is entirely possible. The driveway requires a stable framing and letting the curb frame the path from the driveway itself can create exciting walks in the garden. The material choices in both curbstone and surface layer can sometimes keep the same style and this provides a common thread through the entire garden. Of course, contrast and clarity are also a wonderful solution. Then you can work with a purely functional choice of material for the driveway, while breaking completely and going for a more cosmetic choice for the patio itself. But even in these cases, the edge protection can play a big role. It gives all surfaces stability and extends the life of the surface while it can intertwine the garden purely aesthetically.

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