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We strive for as short lead times as possible. Exactly how long a case takes depends, among other things, on its complexity. We will of course communicate during the course of the matter. Simpler cases should be able to be handled within 24 hours. During high season and in the case of larger and more complex cases, the investigation time can of course be longer.

Receipt control expand_more

When the goods are handed over, a reconciliation must be made against the delivery note and the goods must be checked for visible defects. When the product is unpacked, or otherwise before the product is assembled, the receiving inspection must be completed.

Minor scratches and scuff marks may occur during transport and this is not to be considered a fault. In cases where the buyer, before using the goods, notices or should notice that the goods are faulty, the goods must not be used. Complaints must always be made before the item is placed/placed. Submit a non-conformity report promptly, within one week.

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Tolerances special order product expand_more

When a special order is received, a document is always sent to you as a customer together with your order confirmation. It is very important that you look through the document so that it is correct, and contact us immediately if you see that the document contains errors in relation to what you wish to order.

In the case of requirements other than the SSEN standard, this should have been clearly communicated when ordering

When the order confirmation has been issued and any drawing documents have been approved, the order is sent to Stenbolaget's production for manufacturing. Once production has started, it is no longer possible to stop or make changes to the order. It is also not possible to return specially ordered goods.

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Color variations expand_more

Natural variations in the raw material in the manufacture of concrete products mean that there are differences in shades, depending on when the stone was manufactured. The color of the concrete also changes over time, which is why minor color shifts usually correct themselves over time. Even natural stone products can vary in color and texture due to natural variations in the rock.

Keep in mind that this also applies to concrete stone, tiles and natural stone that have been placed on Stenbolaget.se and in a shop environment. The products may differ slightly in dimensions, for example height and width. We follow current standards for each product in terms of tolerances. Tolerances within limits are not grounds for complaint.

This is not considered a fault in the product and is not grounds for complaint. A recommendation is to mix products from different pallets and layers when laying to get as smooth a surface as possible.

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Lime precipitates/Precipitates expand_more

Concrete contains cement, which is a lime-based product. The lime can sometimes precipitate on the surface of the concrete in the form of a thin grey-white or yellow-brown coating. Aggregate for concrete contains iron, which may migrate to the surface and appear as reddish-brown precipitation.

These precipitates are a natural part of the curing process and do not affect the quality of the product. We refer i.a. to the standards SS-EN 1338, SS-EN 1339 and SS-EN 1340 where this is addressed.

As a rule, precipitation wears off after a shorter or longer time, depending on the strength of the attack and the wear and tear to which the surface is exposed. The time it takes for precipitation to disappear can possibly be reduced by treatment with descaling agents.

Lime and other deposits are not grounds for complaint.

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Variations in the appearance of concrete expand_more

Concrete floor products may have some variations and minor irregularities in appearance. According to the standards we follow, SS-EN 1338 and SS-EN 1339, the surface of the soil products must be visible from a distance, by laying them out in a square at floor level. An observer must stand in natural daylight at a distance of 2 meters from each edge of the laid square to record any cracking or flaking.

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Surface damage, tumble cavities, cracks expand_more

Damage to the surface can be caused by many different things. Note that concrete cannot withstand salt. Heavy salting for snow and ice melting can result in frost cracking and loosening of the concrete surface. Plow damage can also occur, for example with heavy ploughing, or if the surface is not completely flat. Correct substrate and joints are also important to reduce the risk of this. Sometimes small cavities occur in the surface. The reason for this may be unmixed cement from the mixing process. Unfortunately, this is not visible when inspecting finished tiles, but can only become apparent later.

The finishing to achieve the appearance of tumbled paving stones and blocks is a process that can give rise to abrasions and scratch marks on the products and in some cases chipped outer corners. This is not grounds for complaint and the stains wear off over time.

It happens that casting residues of concrete remain, especially the edges of the delivered product. This wears away and is part of the production of the product.

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If you think your stone has the wrong measurements, think about how you measure expand_more

The products may differ slightly in dimensions, for example height and width. We follow current standards for each product in terms of tolerances. This applies to concrete stone as well as natural stone. If you are unsure of what is applicable, please contact kundservice@stenbolaget.se for advice. Tolerances within limits are not grounds for complaint.

In the event of an established error regarding tolerance levels, the following is required for replacement.

Receiver control according to ABM07

Errors are communicated within 7 days

The product must not be assembled

Pictures of measurements made with calipers

On-site measurement by Stenbolaget

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Transport damage? expand_more

When the goods are handed over, a reconciliation must be made against the delivery note and the goods must be checked for visible defects. Minor scratches and scuff marks may occur during transport and this is not to be considered a fault.

Visible transport damage must be noted on the shipping/delivery note (both the customer's and the driver's copy) for the claim to be valid. Photo of the damaged item before unloading is a good supplementary support in our investigation. Attach a copy of the shipping/delivery note and a photo of the damage in your complaint notification. For complaints of hidden transport damage, clear pictures of the damage are required in your complaint notification. Transport damage must be reported to the carrier within 7 days. For that reason, as a general rule, claims for transport damage must be received by Stenbolaget within 4 days of product delivery, for internal administration and notification to the carrier in time. For urgent matters, contact kundtjanst@stenbolaget.se

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Response time for complaints expand_more

Stenbolaget strives to respond to your case within 24 hours. For urgent matters, contact kundtjanst@stenbolaget.se . Attach your case number from the complaint form for faster and easier handling.

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Deviating delivery time expand_more

In individual cases, a delivery may be delayed for reasons beyond Stenbolaget's control. Such as material shortages or traffic incidents. There may also be unforeseen delays as a result of global natural disasters, labor strikes and pandemics. Stenbolaget is not responsible for financial compensation, compensation or lost working time in the event of delay. We recommend that you do not hire labor until the product is finally delivered.

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Have you received the wrong product or the wrong quantity delivered? expand_more

Incoming complaint cases are received by our customer service, which quickly makes an initial assessment regarding the sufficient information in the case as well as any urgent measures that need to be taken care of. The respective complaint is then investigated by the relevant department within the organization.

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