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Patios for rest and relaxation

The patio is a must in the garden and a place that brings peace to both weekdays and weekends. A patio can be designed in many different ways and it is important to put your own stamp on the outdoor space. The patio is a gathering place for family, friends, dinners and parties. But also an area where one's own time must of course be spent and where the greenery of the garden helps to find peace.

We go through different materials and stone floors to see how you can succeed with your stone patio.

- Various stone materials for the patio -

So much more than just stone

A stone patio provides an easy-to-maintain surface that only gets more beautiful over time. When it comes to the different materials, taste plays a big role. But also of course the maintenance. Some materials are more maintenance-free than others. Natural stone is a wonderful material that is perfect for the patio and you can choose from many different stone materials in different shades and textures. Natural stone and granite ceramics, for example, acquire a natural patina over time and are easier to maintain than concrete slabs. Paving is very popular today as a patio, and stone provides a solid surface that radiates that little something extra. There are many different elements that play into one's choice of stone. How the patio should be used, the design of the garden, the shape and style of the house, but also of course the wallet and one's budget.
It is important to take the various parts into account and find a solution and go your own way. Because the most important thing in the whole process is that you are satisfied with your end result.

Granite or slate which patio do you choose?

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Slate provides a unique paving

Slate is a wonderful natural material and a very popular choice among our customers. Slate is available in a whole range of different shades, formats and surface textures.

Mica slate is a stone that has enriched our gardens for many years. The different formats in the series make it adaptable and you can combine both slab floors, flagstones, stepping stones and completely irregular slate tiles. Thanks to its beautiful appearance, its warm feel and its hard surface, it is perfectly suited to capture the living space of the garden and meet all the requirements of the patio. Irregular slate gives room for great creativity and makes for a really fun project.

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Granite slabs for the patio

Granite slabs are a stylish and natural choice for the garden's outdoor floor. With its hard-wearing surface and long durability, you get a patio that stays beautiful over time. Granite slabs are available in many different formats and are perfectly suited for patios, garden paths and other parts of the garden. Natural stone and granite are a beautiful living material that varies in appearance. Each stone is unique in a paving and you get a patio that tells a unique story.

With granite, you increase the value of your entire garden and create an exclusive impression! Granite slabs provide a beautiful surface that withstands rough handling and withstands high wear and tear. There are great advantages to granite and there is no doubt that the natural stone is a popular choice. Avoid chipping wooden balcony floors and screw heads that rise up and choose a stone floor in the garden instead!

Granite for living gardens

Granite is one of our most durable options for the patio. Granite provides a timeless paving that gives a natural impression. Granite products are available in a number of different designs and formats. Choose from popular products such as granite slabs. The granite slabs come in a wide range of different sizes and can be adjusted freely over the surfaces. In granite, there are also classic paving stones, stepping stones for walking and passage and beautiful decorative stone which can also create a homely patio. The solid granite provides a paving that lasts over time!

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Paving stone with function and aesthetics

Flagstone provides a stable patio with good function and an aesthetically beautiful surface.

Marksten is available to choose from in a whole range of different series with different treatment, format and shade. The load on the surface to be laid is of great importance, but for a patio, a thicker paving stone rarely needs to be chosen. 50mm is the most common thickness of flagstone and a popular choice for both driveways and patios.

Find a paving stone that suits your garden style and the patio you intend to create. The classic tumbled paving stone Visby gives an antique element where the worn curb creates the impression. Marksten Visby also comes with a surface structure, which gives an extra lift to the garden. Tumbled ground stone is available in many different shades and formats, for exciting transitions and adaptation to different types of patios.

Even smooth flagstones can of course be chosen and our stylish Modern series provides a patio that keeps the style. Marksten Modern comes with a smooth surface and with a slight slight chamfer. You get a stylish surface with great function and design.

Regardless of the choice of flagstone, your paving should be framed with a curbstone. Extra nice compared to paving stone in concrete is to break it off a little and let granite curbstone frame the surface and give it its stability.

Ground stone for a warm feeling

With paving stones, you create a warm feeling for both greenhouses, conservatories and patios. The lovely paving stone series Visby gives you a patio to enjoy. Choose from a range of different colors and find a paving stone that suits you and your patio best!

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Dining area with concrete slabs or paving stones, what do you choose?

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