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Pleasant living room

A living room should be cozy. We often achieve an atmospheric feeling with the help of wall color as well as the room's furnishings and textiles. In many cases, the living room is the gathering place in the home and a lot of time is spent around the sofa and table. Maybe this is where we play board games, watch TV together and hang out with both family and friends. But the living room floor also plays a big role in the overall impression. The right choice of floor makes the living room well thought out and personal. Choose a floor material that matches the style you want to achieve.
Materials such as tiles and natural stone are not just for halls, kitchens and bathrooms. Even in the living room, the tiles are a hit and make the whole room reach new heights.

Durable clinker tiles with natural surfaces

Natural surfaces provide a calm atmosphere in the living room and family room. Clinker tiles made of granite ceramics give just a natural feeling. The tiles come with the impression of beautiful limestone and contribute to the overall impression of your room. The hard-wearing clinker tiles contain both fossil pattern images, soft veins and come with a lovely texture that is also very easy to clean.
Choose from a wide range of granite ceramics with a natural appearance, and find the right atmosphere for your living room.

Granite ceramics in the living room

Granite ceramics in the living room create a natural atmosphere and the pattern images of the tiles give a soft and pleasant room feeling. The deep texture in the surface brings out the natural in your living room and you get a cozy home for both everyday and weekend gatherings.

Our series Borghamn is a harmonious series of granite ceramics with carefully selected textural images with the impression of our Swedish limestone. Nature's very own patterns in a range of different formats and shades for your living room!

See our beautiful tile series Borghamn

Limestone where each slab is unique

Limestone is a natural stone with a soft appearance. The patterned surface gives the room a luxurious impression. Limestone has for many years been used in our Swedish homes, school buildings and public places. Despite its hard surface, limestone is a relatively soft stone material and is therefore a little more sensitive to liquids and acidic substances. The seam surface makes the tiles less suitable for exposed spaces such as shower corners and the like. A living room with limestone gets a calm atmosphere where the natural patterns wander across the floor. Limestone comes in a range of different origins and you can choose between beautiful Swedish limestone from both Öland and Jämtland as well as stylish Jura limestone with German origin.
A very popular choice is also to create your room with our granite ceramic tiles with just the impression of limestone. In your choice of granite ceramics, you get a stone floor that is at least as vibrant as natural stone, but with a harder surface that repels spills and scratches more easily. The best of both worlds!

Beautiful Jura limestone

Limestone is both stylish and timeless and has decorated our homes and indoor environments. With a limestone, you get a living indoor floor and a homely feeling wherever you install the stone. One of our most popular limestones in the range. Jura limestone is available in three different shades and all create a great sense of well-being. The gray slabs of Jura limestone go in a soft shade where the rich pattern images give a living floor. The polished surface makes the Jura Limestone soft and pleasant to walk on and makes the stone an excellent floor or wall covering in the home!

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Living room with slate

Tiles and limestone are not the only choices when it comes to living room floors. Natural stone such as slate is also a very good option. Slate is an exclusive natural stone material that is well suited for indoor installation. Slate fits very well in the living room and gives a cozy feeling throughout the home. The stone's beautiful surface structures give a pattern depth in the tiles and you get a floor surface that tells a story. Slate comes with unique textures that created its shape over its lifespan. No two floors are the same, and the slate structure fits both modern and classic living rooms as well as minimalist and more rural rooms.
Our slate comes from Scandinavia and is a durable stone whose hard surface is perfectly suited for our homes. The same slate but in thicker designs is also available for installation in the garden. In this way, you can extend the living room out through the patio doors and get an intertwined surface throughout your home and conservatory. Slate works especially well with underfloor heating and you get a cozy floor to wake up to all year round.

Slate in irregular format

Slate is a natural stone for both floors and walls in the home.
For the living room, you create a living floor surface and add a natural touch to the room. Offerdal slate originating from Jämtland comes in a beautiful pencil gray tone. The structure and claw surface of the plates provide a comfortable surface for the foot and are well suited to underfloor heating. The tiles come in a completely irregular format, which means that with processing and cutting you can create your very unique living room floor.

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Irregular or sawn slate, what suits your home best?

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