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Rock crusher 0-32 Big sack 1000kg

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Rock crusher, or stone crusher as it is also called, is a crushed product that is mainly used as a filler and bearing layer. Perfect for use in paving and tiling where a really hard surface is always in demand. Crushed rock is also used as a reinforcement layer and is usually used in the construction of footpaths.

Fraction 0-32

As the fraction of the crusher varies from 0 up to 32 mm, it is packed well and you get a very good load-bearing capacity under your ground stone , stone slabs and under your granite slabs and slate . Rock crusher also provides a stable core behind the retaining wall and at your curb installation . On top of your berry layer, you then pull out the actual bed of sand, stone flour or, above all, wood chips. And remember to always use a non-woven fabric at the bottom when laying a paved surface.

Paving & Paving

For a walkable ground stone or tiling, we recommend that you lay a layer of crushed rock of between 10-15 cm. But as said only if the surface is only to be loaded with foot traffic or bicycles.

In the case of drivable surfaces, rock crusher is also used here as a bearing layer. For just drivable surfaces, a layer of at least 20-25 cm of crushed rock should be laid. But this can differ between different surfaces and entirely depending on how heavy the traffic is to load the paving. It can of course also vary with how much you need to dig and refill gardens in between as all plots have different basic conditions. Therefore, be sure to check what applies to your soil conditions. Take a look at our large flagstone guide for additional tips on how to lay your rock crusher 0-32.

Practical big bag

At stenbolaget.se, we sell all our crushing materials, sand and gravel in large bags of 1000 kg. The sacks can both be chosen to be picked up in store or bought with home delivery. Ordering sand, gravel, bearing layers and shingle in sacks has its clear advantages.

1. Minimal soiling on the unloading surface.

2. Be able to get the big sack placed better than when ordering tipped material.

3. Being able to have the sack delivered with other stone products and in the same shipment.

4. Be able to use the empty sack when collecting construction waste, leaves and twigs and rice.

In all our stores it is also possible to buy rock crushers 0-32 in bulk loaded on a trailer or truck bed. You can also buy our handy 30 liter bags in store and fill the desired volume yourself with a shovel. This handy little sack can be bought at all our facilities and you get the sack itself at the till and then fill it up with a loan shovel. Contact customer service for price and stock status on this.


A large sack with 1000 kg of rock crusher is probably perceived as very large. As a little helping hand in your calculation, the sack corresponds to an approximate volume of about 0.6 cubic meters

Since crushed rock is a product that arises when you crush stone, the shade can differ from delivery to delivery. Crushed stone is taken from different quarries around the country, this affects the shade of the stone from our stocked crushed stone at the time. Also keep in mind that your material is compressed when packing the masses and that you order enough to meet your needs. All our materials in large sacks are bagged on site at our stores and warehouses after the order has been placed.

Read more about rock crushers in the product instructions .

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1000.0 KG
0.0 - 32.0
Surface treatment
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