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Fine single 16-28 Big sack 1000kg

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Finsingel is a coarser natural shingle and is a lovely decorative stone that can brighten up the entire garden. This is a very affordable material that is perfect for a naturally stylish decor and framing of the garden. Everything from decorating patios, courtyards, garden plots and around house grounds and tree trunks.

Fraction 16-28

Our fine single comes in a strong fraction 16-28, which leads to a very good draining effect. The singlet comes in vivid shades where the stones shift between gray and red. This provides a classic setting in the garden and works equally well in both the private garden and the public environment. As with all bagged shingle and gravel, you should rinse your stone after laying it out to show your surfaces at their absolute best as quickly as possible.

This product is sorted in a type of grid, which means that both smaller and larger stones are present. The stone can stay within the mentioned fraction on one link and go through the grid, but be larger on the other link.

Multiple areas of use

Finsingel gives a classic style and works for both rural and modern gardens. The stone comes in gray and red tones and comes with soft shapes that really suit the garden. The areas of use are many but mainly decorative. Create undulating seas of decorative stones, beautiful fill out with garden paths and decorate other areas of the garden. Your imagination is what sets the limits. Of course, the stone can also be walked on, but here our recommendation is to primarily choose a smaller stone size for a more comfortable walking surface. See our yard gravel , walkway shingle , lake shingle or our smaller fractions decorative stone for very good options.

Practical big bag

Our big bags of 1000 kg can easily be delivered with other goods from us and are highly appreciated among customers due to their flexibility well in place. Perfect for those who cannot receive their gravel tipped on site and for those who want a bit of order while the job is being carried out.

In some of our stores, we also sell fine singles in bulk. We help with loading on site and you get a bucket of selected white freely loaded on your trailer or truck. We also sell smart 30 liter bags that you can borrow a shovel from us and fill yourself. Contact customer service to see which stores and stock status apply for the day.


A large sack of 1000 kg of Finsingel covers a decorative surface of approx. 15 square meters with a bed thickness of 4 cm.

As finsingel is a product that comes from nature, the shades may differ from different consignments. Sometimes a more gray scale comes and in some cases a more red and varied one. There are also sand-colored elements and parts. Fine shingle is taken from different quarries around the country, this also affects the shade of the stone and our stocked shingle at the time. All our materials in large sacks are bagged on site at our stores and warehouses after the order has been placed.

Read more about Finsingel 16-28 in the product instructions .

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1000.0 KG
16.0 - 28.0
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Product specification Finsingel Read more about Finsingel 16-28 and how to use it.

How to lay Finsingel as decorative garden surfaces Read more about how to decorate with your Finsingel.

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