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Retaining wall Haga Mini Graphite

Sku: MK302010S
Original price 40 kr - Original price 40 kr
Original price
1 339 kr /Square Meter
40 kr - 40 kr
Current price 1 339 kr /Square Meter
In stock, delivery time 3 - 7 working days
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A stylish and very affordable retaining wall that is well suited for the garden's wall constructions! The stone comes in dark gray tones and the graphite shade suits both light and dark houses in both modern and classic style.

Haga Mini is an incredibly affordable retaining wall with smaller bricks, the greatness resides in the simplicity and design of the blocks.

The design of the stone

Thanks to the fact that each stone is wedge-shaped, you can easily make nice curved shapes with the wall and be able to create transitions between straight and soft shapes. Being so flexible offers great opportunities and paves the way for exciting gardens.

Built with a slope

Each masonry block has a heel on the back which, with the help of the fillers at the back, locks the stones in place. With this smart construction, neither concrete, geonets nor locking plugs are needed for the wall to stand firmly. Haga Mini is supported by this very heel and thus cannot be built straight at the front. A perfect locking system for the garden's lower walls. If you feel that you would rather have a vertical wall or build a higher structure, we recommend Stödmur Waxholm, which can also be built both curved and in a straight line.

Cracked surface

To get as vivid a concrete wall as possible, choose a brick with a cracked front surface. Haga Mini Grafit is a dark brick that almost feels black when the stone is damp. The cracked front creates an effect and a natural stone-like look where the surface of the stones can differ slightly from one another.

Finish on your wall

The top row of stones has visible pockets due to the stone's wedge shape. These can be beautifully filled up with decorative stone or other decorative material. To hide the wedge shape, our Uncovering Wall is usually installed as a neat finish. You then use Stenlim PU or Stenlim Cool Tack to fasten these on top of your upper row of bricks. Paving and capstones are available in both concrete and granite, different sizes and surface treatments.

For a complete masonry construction, don't forget fiber cloth , macadam , stone crusher and stone flour . Follow our installation guide to succeed with your wall and for a safe installation that will last even in the future!

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Technical specifications expand_more
12.0 KG
30.0 cm
20.0 cm
10.0 cm
Quanity per Square Meter
33.3 Pieces
Quanity per Pallet
80.0 Pieces
Surface treatment
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