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Retaining wall Muskö Normal stone Gray

Sku: MK45.52620G
Original price 131 kr - Original price 131 kr
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1 439 kr /m²
131 kr - 131 kr
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Retaining wall Muskö is a sturdy retaining wall that, with its strong masonry block, provides a stable wall for both low and high walls!

Can be built straight and with a slope

Each brick is provided with a groove on the top and bottom to easily assemble your wall construction with locking plugs. How you then turn the locking plug completely determines whether the wall will be built straight at the front or with a 3 degree slope inwards. For higher constructions, it is recommended to build the wall sloping inward and to anchor properly with Geonet . The geonet is sold on rolls and mounted on sticks into the wall and locked into the wall with the help of the locking plugs. This provides a stable assembly that will stand firm for many years to come.

The design of the stone

The Muskö brick has a wedge shape that enables the construction of a straight wall as well as with a slightly curved curve. It is therefore possible to build both convex and concave radii. What determines the stone's maximum radius is the location of the next round. As the stone is made in a heavy format, the curve becomes more difficult to get tight. Each wall block is also hollow, which makes it easier to handle and can be filled after assembly crushing material or macadam for increased stability and weight. Muskö Normalsten comes with a slight chamfering around its entire block which emphasizes the brick rows and the strict shape in the stone.

Cracked surface

Retaining wall Muskö is produced in the colors gray and graphite and comes with a so-called cracked front surface. To get a garden wall as lively as possible, you should choose a retaining wall with a cracked front surface. Retaining wall Muskö is a real highlight both in terms of stability and appearance and provides a living wall for both the private villa garden and the public space.

Several different accessories

In the Muskö series, you will also find cornerstones for beautiful walls at an angle. These have no tracks at all and are instead glued to the wall construction. For the nicest possible finish and to hide the top surface of the hollow blocks, mount Uncovering Wall on top of your wall. On the lower walls, the uncovering becomes a practical storage area for, for example, flower pots and other lovely garden details. Uncovering Wall is mounted with one of our Stone glues .


Follow our installation instructions step by step to succeed with your wall!

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Technical specifications expand_more
35.0 KG
45.5 cm
25.5 cm
20.0 cm
Quanity per m²
11.0 Pieces
Quanity per Pallet
32.0 Pieces
Surface treatment
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