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Nordic Stones Borghamn Mossa Tiles 60x60

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Granite ceramics at its best! Tiles with the impression of real limestone. Borghamn is a durable series of clinker tiles that, with their richly textured patterns, create a surface that radiates the natural. Unlike other tiles, fossil elements are common in granite ceramics. Borghamn is an obvious choice for all rooms and surfaces in the home where a premium feeling is to be created. A major strength of Klinker Borghamn in particular is the flexibility of using the tiles, but also the good properties of the material.

Granite ceramic is a durable and hard-wearing material for both floor and wall mounting in bathrooms, as well as hallways and kitchens. The durable surface makes them a good choice for both floors and walls in the home. The low water absorption in the plate makes it tight and extra resistant to spills. The frost resistance is also good as the plate does not absorb moisture so easily.
Granite ceramic is a hard material that can withstand abrasion. This makes it especially appreciated for installation in the home, but also in public areas where higher demands are made. With Klinker Borghamn from Nordic Stones, you get a scratch-resistant tile suitable for all tiled floors and walls in homes and a number of different public environments!

Klinker Borghamn Mossa comes in a natural shade where patterns, fossils and beautiful textures run through the tiles. The color Mossa is a grey-green shade and provides a warm floor covering. In the series you will also find the colors Light gray and Dark gray as well as all the different colors in a range of different sizes. Klinker Borghamn with a limestone surface comes with a range of different patterns that are an important factor for the natural overall impression.

Impression of limestone
Limestone in the home is both popular and highly sought after. The natural material limestone should sometimes be avoided in the shower corner of the bathroom as the stone is sensitive to acid. Certain surfaces and their use can affect the appearance of the limestone. This is where granite ceramics come into the picture! You get a hard clinker tile that fits in any room and does not wear out as easily as other materials. As previously mentioned, you also get a natural surface that gives the impression of real limestone. Simply the best of both worlds!

Installation and maintenance
Granite ceramics can be laid in all rooms in the home and assembled with fixings and joints suitable for granite ceramics. You can of course lay granite ceramics and tiles with underfloor heating and thus create a nice floor that gives a pleasant feeling all year round, regardless of the season. Granite ceramic Borghamn from Nordic Stones comes with a thickness of 9mm and conducts heat very well. 

When you get a floor that is resistant to stains and spills, you also extend the life of your newly laid floor. Granite ceramics provide an easy-to-clean surface and a material that is easy to care for.

The clinker tile comes in a 60x60 format and is advantageously installed in a straight set. However, larger tiles should not be fitted with an offset of more than one third. We do not recommend mounting in half joints. A solid square format that gives a massive impression where each tile contributes to the living flooring. Klinker Borghamn Mossa is also available in several other formats and you can adapt your choice completely to your surface, floor size and the different rooms in the home.

Nordic Stones
Nordic Stones is a series of clinker tiles completely inspired by nature's own materials and most popular types of stone. Granite ceramics from Nordic Stones maintain a high quality in both surface and also their impression, and in many cases it is difficult to tell the difference between granite ceramics and real limestone. Choose a plate that lasts and choose the Borghamn series.

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21.42 KG
59.8 cm
59.8 cm
0.9 cm
Quanity per Pallet
40.0 Pieces
E ≤ 0,3%
> 1600N
Klass 5
Antal per paket
3 st
Rekommenderat fix för montering
Rekommenderad fog
Nordic Stones - by Stenbolaget
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