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Sandbox sand 0-2 Big bag 1000kg

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Stenbolaget's Sandlådesand is a fine-grained sand with a smooth structure well developed for creative garden play. A sand that is easy to shape and that gives the sandcastle a good foundation to achieve outstanding results. The sandbox is a place for great creativity and where a lot of fun time can be spent for both young and old.

Fraction 0-2

Stenbolaget's sandbox sand comes in the very fine fraction 0-2. Smooth, even and clean of coarser gravel. Perfect for those who want to install a sandbox in the courtyard, school, preschool or in a housing association.

Use and design

The smooth and fine-grained structure of the sand means that it holds together well and provides a malleable mass for both sand castles and sand cakes. Everything that the little construction engineers need! When used in a park environment, the sand is not usually used directly under swings and see-saws, where a more damping material and gravel is usually laid. When your litter box is not in use, it is recommended to cover it with a lid or a net to keep out cats and other animals and to keep the litter box clean.

Practical big bag

Here in our webshop you can conveniently buy sandbox sand, sand, gravel and shingle in 1000kg bags. Perfect for those who are going to build a larger or several sandboxes.
And if you are looking for a smaller volume, we also sell the sand in small bags and in bulk in selected stores.

We also sell smart 30 liter bags on site in the stores that stock the material. These you can borrow a shovel from us and fill up to the desired volume. Contact customer service for availability, price and stock status on this.


To calculate your consumption before building the sandbox, simply calculate the cubic meter of sand needed to fill the sandbox. Measure out a desired level in your built sandbox and measure length x width x height to get your need and cubic meters. Each large bag of sandbox sand holds approx. 0.6 cubic metres.

Since sandbox sand is a sand and natural product that comes from nature, the shades can differ widely from different consignments. Sandbox sand is taken from various fields around the country, this also affects the shade of the stone and our stocked sand at the time. All our materials in large sacks are bagged on site at our stores and warehouses after the order has been placed.

Read more about Sandlådesand 0-2 in the product instructions .

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1000.0 KG
0.0 - 2.0
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Product specification Sandbox sand 0-2 Read more about Sandlådesand 0-2.

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