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Stone flour 0-8 Big bag 1000kg

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Stone flour is a fine type of setting sand that is usually used when laying outdoor surfaces such as paving stones , flagstones and the like for a stone setting! Stone flour comes in large sacks and can be bought with home delivery or for collection yourself.

Fraction 0-8

Stone flour comes in a fraction of 0-8. This means that the range of the stones comes from the very finest and next to flour-like size up to 8mm large stones. The mix of all sizes in the mentioned range means that you get a packed bed and compact surface. Stone flour can be found in many fractions, but we have chosen 0-8 for as stable a seedbed as possible.

Multiple areas of use

Stone flour makes the bed very even and packed, which leads to a stable stone setting. Stone flour is also used as leveling under the bottom stones when building walls and in some cases also to set curbstones. It is also common to use the material when you have to harden surfaces and as a surface layer on tracks and other paths around parks and walking surfaces. Whether you intend to pave a patio, driveway, garden path or a pool area, you will find the right stone flour!

For a more draining setting material for your tiling, we recommend Macadam/Flis 2-6.

Practical big bag

Here at stenbolaget.se, you easily buy your stone flour in large bags of 1000 kg. The bag may be large but is incredibly practical and easy to both deliver and place without getting sand in unwanted places on the plot. The sack is perfect for lifting on a solid trailer, onto a truck or for delivery with one of our fast home deliveries. Large bags are a good option for you where it is not suitable to dump loose material in the garden and it can be difficult to back in with a truck.

In all our stores, it is also possible to buy stone flour on site in bulk and in flexible small bags that you can fill up yourself. The bags hold 30 liters and provide easy handling for transport on a light trailer and in the tailgate. Our small sacks can be bought at all our facilities and you get the sack itself at the till and then fill it up with a borrowed shovel. Contact customer service for price and stock status on this.


1000kg Stone flour covers approx. 20 square meters of bedding for ground stone and slabs where the normal bedding has a thickness of approx. 3 cm. Be sure to compact your bed and setting sand, pulling this off level with the draw pipe before installing your rock. Read more about stone laying, stone flour, tips and good advice in our large flagstone guide .

As stone flour is a natural product that arises when crushing products and berry layers are manufactured, the shade may differ from delivery to delivery. Sometimes comes a more gray scale and in some cases a more sandy tone. Stone flour is taken from different farms around the country, this also affects the shade of our stocked stone flour at the time. Also keep in mind that your material is compressed when packing the masses and that you order enough to meet your needs. All our materials in large sacks are bagged on site at our stores and warehouses after the order has been placed.

Read more about stone flour in the product instructions .

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1000.0 KG
0.0 - 8.0
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Product specification Stone flour Read more about Stone flour and how to use it.

Laying paving stones in 5 steps Read more about how to use stone flour when laying paving stones.

How to lay cobblestones Read more about how to use stone flour when laying cobblestones.

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