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Marksten Visby Smooth Gray 70mm

Sku: T21147G
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406 kr /m²
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Stable ground stone that stands as a platform for both passenger cars and light trucks. The surface of the stone comes with a worn and antique look and means that you get a timeless and classic paving that is guaranteed to hold up even harder!

Drivable paving stone

Visby Slät 70 is a strong paving stone in the format 210x140x70mm. This makes it classified for light trucks and can be advantageously installed in parking areas and other busy areas, both in gardens and in many different public environments. If you need both traffic-class paving stones and other more walkable surfaces where the 70mm thickness does not need to be used, Visby is also available in a 50mm thick paving stone. It can be neatly combined into the layout to keep the red line throughout the garden.


The color gray gives a bright surface, but the stone is also cast in graphite. Consider framing your pavers with a curb for best results.

Tumbled but smooth

Marksten Visby Smooth is cast with flat surfaces but then tumbled for an antique look on the surface. This causes the stones to tumble against each other and the edges wear and tear and sharp edges and corners wear away and you end up with a new stone with old style! This stone, in contrast to, for example, the ground stones Labyrinth and Troja, also has spacers that ensure that you automatically get the right joint width when you set the stone. See also our other models of ground stone and find the right stone for your project.

The Visby series

The Visby series is a popular series of paving stones, walls and curbstones that have found a home in many gardens around the country. The series has a tumbled surface and therefore gives an antique impression and a lively outdoor environment. Visby 210x140x70 is produced with spacers all around for easy laying where the jointing step is facilitated.

Laying paving stones

For the best possible end result, we recommend that Flexible Hard Joint is used when joining your surface. This hardens with water and creates a joint that is difficult for both plants and vermin to root in. Don't forget to install curbstones around your paving, this acts as a frame and makes the surface stable for many years to come. With curbstone, you can also create nice transitions, beautiful frames and clear contrasting lines in your garden. Choose one of our beautiful granite curbstones for an exclusive impression and stable framing, or perhaps the stylish Kantsten Visby .

You can read more about how to lay paving bricks & paving stones and what you need in our popular guide laying paving stones in 5 easy steps

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4.62 KG
21.0 cm
14.0 cm
7.0 cm
Quanity per m²
34.0 Pieces
Quanity per Pallet
270.0 Pieces
Surface treatment
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Installation instructions - Marksten Read more about how to build a drivable surface.

Curbstone Visby a stylish curbstone in a smaller format Read more about how to lay Kantsten Visby.

Curb mounting guide Read more about how to lay curbstones.

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