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Marksten Visby Structure Gray mix 50mm

Sku: TS21145GS
Original price 10 kr - Original price 10 kr
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346 kr /m²
10 kr - 10 kr
Current price 346 kr /m²
In stock, delivery time 3 - 7 working days
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A tumbled paving stone with an antique surface that gives the rustic and cool worn impression from the start. Marksten Visby Struktur comes with a smooth and a tumbled side, completely free to choose which side you want facing up during the actual laying.

Tumbled flagstone

A tumbled stone has exactly as it sounds, undergone a tumble. This means that the stone got its patina when they were struck and worn against each other in giant cylinders.

Drivable paving stone

The stone has a thickness of 50mm and is drivable for passenger cars and is a perfect choice for those who want to construct a driveway, parking lot or other drivable surface.

Gray mix

The color gray mix is ​​a really nice color and a popular choice as you get a mottled stone that easily blends into any garden. The gray mix is ​​created by a mix between gray and graphite in the pigment that colors the concrete during casting. The result is that some stones have a more gray tone while others more graphite, and most of them a nice melange between the colors. The color gray mix gives a natural surface immediately upon installation and works best by mixing stacks from the pallet or from several pallets at the same time, then the mix really stands out extra much!

Structure & smooth

Visby Struktur 50 is a paving stone with two different sides, one smooth and one structured. The standard is to lay the stone with the structure side up. This contributes to the stone being experienced more alive and the surface is strengthened extra in the trailing light of the sun.

The Visby series

Our tumbled range Visby comes in both flagstone, curbstone and brick and can be easily combined throughout the garden for a cohesive feel and a natural impression. A big advantage of Visby ground stone is that it has ready-made spacers, which automatically gives an even-width joint between the stones. In addition to our tumbled series, you will also find a range of other surface treatments, formats and shades in our range of paving stones .

Laying paving stones

Think about buying important accessories for your paving, such as fiber cloth , crushing material and curbstone . You can read more about how to lay paving bricks & paving stones and what you need in our popular guide laying paving stones in 5 easy steps .

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Technical specifications expand_more
3.3 KG
21.0 cm
14.0 cm
5.0 cm
Quanity per m²
34.0 Pieces
Quanity per Pallet
360.0 Pieces
Gray mix
Surface treatment
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Installation instructions - Marksten Read more about how to lay paving stones.

Curbstone Visby a stylish curbstone in a smaller format Read more about how to lay Kantsten Visby.

Curb mounting guide Read more about how to lay curbstones.

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