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Retaining wall Waxholm Normal stone Graphite

Sku: MK422814S
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Original price 88 kr
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Current price 1 124 kr /m²
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Stable retaining wall in a dark, dark gray shade that creates flexibility and a nice frame for the garden!

Can be built straight and with a slope

Waxholm Normalsten is the building stone used for the construction of the Waxholm system. Each brick is locked with 2 plastic locking plugs , which means that the same brick can be used for both vertical and inclined retaining walls. When building a sloping wall, you get a slope of about 4 degrees. This contributes to a more stable construction and that the wall can be built higher than if it were straight at the front. Read about several tips for your wall construction here or take part in our assembly guide for Stödmur Waxholm further down this page.

The design of the stone
The wall can be built both vertically and with a slight slope with the help of its locking plugs , which also anchor the system. Retaining wall Waxholm is a really popular wall whose wedge-shaped design makes it easy to build both concave and convex curves with soft shapes, but also completely straight retaining walls in the garden room. The normal brick is hollow, which makes it lighter in weight during assembly, but can then be filled with crushed material or macadam to increase the stability and weight of each brick. For higher constructions, Geonet is used , which firmly anchors the wall in the filling masses behind. The geonet is sold in rolls and mounted on sticks into the wall and locked into the wall with the help of the small but oh so important locking plugs.
Cracked surface

To get a concrete wall as vivid as possible, choose a retaining wall with a cracked front surface. Stödmur Waxholm has exactly this type of surface and provides a naturally shaped visible surface that blends well into both gardens and public places. Graphite is a dark brick that creates contrast and provides a retaining wall with style. The dark shades work especially well against light houses as the contrast increases in scale.

Several different accessories

Choose corner stones for the construction of 90° angles or if, for example, you want a staircase to be mounted in the wall. For a nice finish, you then install a cover on your top brick lath. Uncovering is available in both concrete and granite, light and dark. Free to choose which style you want on your capstone. A popular capstone for Waxholm in particular is Avväkyng Mur, which is also available in the same color scale as the wall itself.


Follow our installation guide for a successful wall construction and for a stable retaining wall that lasts!

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22.0 KG
42.0 cm
26.5 cm
14.0 cm
Quanity per m²
17.0 Pieces
Quanity per Pallet
48.0 Pieces
Surface treatment
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Assembly instructions - Waxholm Tips and tricks on how to mount your Waxholm retaining wall for a durable and stylish result.

Build retaining wall in 7 steps A general guide how to build a retaining wall in 7 steps.

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