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Double wall

A double wall is a wall made up of two walls with a filling mass in between. The double wall is thus built into a continuous wall and is wider in comparison to a normal garden wall. It can, for example, be constructed with masonry blocks, leca blocks or irregular field stones. We have a wide range of products when you want to build a double wall.

Double walls can be built with or without mortar

A wall can be both a practical and beautiful feature in the garden. Double walls can create a neat whole and embrace your garden by framing along the plot boundary. You set it up using so-called shell wall technology, where the two separate stone walls form the shell and are then filled with filling material such as macadam and crushed rock. The shell can be built with or without mortar and is then called a cold wall or a masonry wall.

Laying a cold wall on the site means that the stones are stacked directly on top of each other without use. Then you can use field stones that you find in nature or clean boulders. If you build a double wall, the construction of which consists of two masonry walls, you use mortar to assemble your masonry blocks.

Double wall with planting or uncovering

There are several reasons for wanting to create a double wall. An advantage of this stone wall is to combine the building with greenery. By placing planting on top of the wall, you create a different and scenic element in the garden. Another option is of course to put a top stone on the double wall. Then you create a stone wall that resembles the classic garden wall but in a wider format.

Freestanding double wall with stone for retaining wall

Based on how you intend to design your double wall, you may need to use stone for the retaining wall. Which stone you will build with depends partly on the height and width of your intended double wall.

Double wall is, in the traditional sense, COLD WALL

A double wall in the traditional sense is a cold-walled story. The stone wall is a common sight in Swedish countryside and has its origins in the older agricultural society that once was. The wall was built with two stones in width for extra good stability. If the double wall was erected with greater width and filling masses of smaller stone, it was instead called a shell wall.

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