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Foundation walls

A foundation wall is, simply put, a wall that forms the basis of a building with an extension. That is to say, the wall forms part of the foundation work that provides stability and creates a good prerequisite for what is to be built. For example, it could be the plinth of a house or the foundation of a carport. A masonry foundation can be built from, for example, leca blocks and dressed with facing stone . We sell various options for your construction, large or small, here at Stenbolaget.

Build foundations with a beautiful appearance

Depending on how the building looks, your masonry foundation can extend above ground or end at the ground level. If you are building a foundation that provides a visible plinth, it will be interesting to take into account the appearance of the foundation wall. An alternative to plastering and painting the plinth is to put a cladding stone that fits the building. Then choose a stylish natural stone in granite or slate. It will be both durable and beautiful. In addition, masonry with cladding stone is a relatively simple way to enhance the appearance of the bare facade.

Brick foundation for greenhouse - beautiful and stable

Greenhouses can be built with a brick foundation as a frame. For example, you can use leca blocks for the frame and supplement with rebar for a stable construction. Usually the foundation wall is recessed into the ground and for a greenhouse it is a matter of taste whether the greenhouse should be built with or without a visible wall above ground. Either you can let the foundation wall that forms the framework continue, but another option could be to build on with masonry blocks in, for example, concrete or granite.

Depending on which stone you choose, the greenhouse will differ significantly in appearance and style. Granite , for example, is a classic that exudes elegance in the garden. If you then buy the natural stone as rough cut, you give the wall of the greenhouse a natural and mountain-like appearance, while a flamed stone will create a modern building that is perceived as functional.

Concrete as a material for your foundation wall

Concrete blocks are an alternative to natural stone when you want to build a wall for a greenhouse. We have wall blocks in several different variants in terms of color, shape and treatment. A tumbled brick is a perfect alternative if you want a softer and slightly rural look in your garden.

You will find both leca blocks, a large set of wall blocks and wall cladding in our range.

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