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Kantsten till rabatten ger något extra

Curb to the discount gives something extra

By edging the flowerbed with stone, you give your garden that little something extra. Edging around the flowerbed is both beautiful and practical. It works great as a separator against, for example, lawns and protects your plants.

Protect your horticulture from grass

If your flowerbed adjoins a lawn, you are probably familiar with the problem of grass creeping unwelcomed into cultivation or planting. Sure, you can cut and clear the edges, but your flowerbed will hardly be easy to maintain. One curbstone can therefore be a good solution when you are renovating the garden - a perfect separator that makes gardening more peaceful!

curb to the discount

Undulating or straight discount? Start from your plot!

The best thing you can do when thinking about a new discount or want to give your existing one a new lease of life is to start from the appearance and conditions of your plot. Maybe you think that the flowerbed should be next to the outer edges of the plot, or at the far end of the house? Here, only the imagination sets the limits! Create a round oasis using the rhododendron on an open area or create a hedge around a tree or walkway. Straight or wavy edges are then a matter of taste. Whatever you're looking for, you'll find your curbstone at Stenbolaget.

You lay curbstones against the lawn at ground level

When laying a curb stone against a lawn, it is best to lay it flush with the lawn. Then you can more easily access the entire surface when mowing the lawn. Simply drive over the stone with one wheel of the lawnmower, but be careful not to damage the blades.

Raised flower beds with a nice stone edge

Of course, you can also create a raised flower bed with curbs. Choose a larger curb stone to easily adjust and increase the height, but remember that at least half of the stone needs to be on the slope. If there is a higher discount, you can also use it brick . A tip is the retaining wall Haga Mini , a beautiful garden wall that works great for the flower bed. Install straight or curved.

Steel edge support

Alternative to curb at the discount

An option for separating flower beds from lawns or garden paths is so-called steel edge supports. They are steel edges that you easily install into the ground. If you prefer a thinner and almost "invisible" edge, this might be for you! Mount straight or bend as desired.

Don't skimp on the sub-work

Regardless of whether you are going to lay curbstones for a patio or as a separator around the flowerbed, it is important to think about the sub-work. The ground moves regardless, and through careful sub-work you can ensure that it stays nice over the years. You will find assembly instructions under the product pages. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

Cut your curb for curved flower beds

Creating a planting with a bend gives a soft impression to the plot. Use curbstone as an example the dowsing stone or other granite curbstone and cut your curbstone to the desired shape. There are many options and you can find the complete range of curbstones here .

Spotlight Luna Silver LightsOn

Give light to the flower bed with garden lighting

If you want to give your discount that little something extra, you can use LED lights that illuminate it when darkness falls. Use for example integrated lighting which you mount in the curb or place spits on the stone, outside or inside your mount.

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