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Lightpro is a flexible and very flexible lighting system for gardens and outdoor environments. It is so simple that you can work with it yourself, without any knowledge of wiring. No, you really don't need an electrician or a lighting professional here, just yourself, your creative ideas and a lighting plan. 12-Volt is incredibly fun to work with as you can connect and adjust the system yourself.
We tell you more about all the advantages of the system and how you can use lights from Lightpro in your garden.

Outdoor lighting from Lightpro has many advantages

Since 2005, we at Stenbolaget have sold lighting products for gardens and outdoor areas. Outdoor lighting for gardens and public areas contributes to a cozier atmosphere, safety and enhances the impression of an entire garden. We have long recognized the benefits of using lighting in the garden and seen what this brings during the dark months of the year. Lightpro is one of our lighting systems in the range and comes with great advantages! In addition to the fact that it is a 12 volt system with low power consumption, there are more keys we want to press.

So what is it that makes Lightpro so unique?
Well, the simple answer is that with a few components you can create a unique string of lights outdoors! What you need is a transformer, main cable and your choice of fixtures. Then just start relaxing.
You completely avoid T-connections on your series connection. Easy!

Lightpro comes with a 5-year warranty on its light sources.
Below you will see a couple more points that tell why you should choose lighting from Lightpro.

Flexible and great expansion possibilities over time.

Design, stylish luminaires with effective light distribution.

Smooth installation, quick and easy assembly you can do yourself.

Left image Right image

See the transformation of a dark garden brought to life with the Ixius, Castor and Atik luminaires.

Lighting from Lightpro provides opportunities and where you can create great results in your garden with just a few components! Some luminaires are dimmable, which is a unique opportunity when it comes to outdoor lighting! This is controlled with a button on the luminaire and can be set in different positions for a desired light.
Think carefully about lighting before the darker period of the year and bring a sleeping garden back to life! No two systems are the same, and it is you and only you who build your lighting system .

Everything is connected to one and the same loop and there is a whole range of different luminaires to choose from.

Connection of Lightpro
Connection of Lightpro

The picture shows a sketch of how the coupling is mounted on the main cable after it has been connected to Lightpro's own transformer . The simple connection makes installation fun as the luminaires are pinned to the main cable and make them moveable over time.

Let the design and size of your garden decide!

Always plan the type of outdoor lighting you will use based on your garden's needs and conditions. A large garden needs a number of different outdoor lights and it is important to think through how you want your garden to appear when darkness falls. A stone project needs planning to succeed and making a lighting plan goes hand in hand with the project. Regardless of whether you intend to illuminate an already finished garden or redevelop your entire plot, a lighting plan is preferable. Paper and pen and measuring tools will get you a long way!
A completed lighting plan makes the whole job easier as the cable can be buried at the same time as the surface is completed. A smart tip is to also keep your lighting plan after the paving is finished so you can more easily know where your cable is hidden. Since our system from Lightpro is expandable, you may want to add luminaires to your light loop outdoors at a later stage!

Lightpro lighting at its best

The right fixture in the right place

Different fixtures are placed in different places in the garden and create something truly unique. If you are looking for lighting for the balcony, LED lighting for the outdoors, lighting for a post or light string outdoors, then you have found exactly the right place. In our assortment you will find more different categories with lighting for conservatories and gardens!

Wall fixtures : Lighting for walls, trellises, house facades and walls creates a large eye-catcher and enhances the texture of a surface. Wall lighting adds an extra factor to your retaining wall or freestanding wall and casts a beautiful glow over the structure of the stone.

Bollards : Freestanding lighting and outdoor lamps that spread their light from above and stand as a marker around a surface. Our solitary bollards often come with a ground spike or spear to drive into the ground and to give the LED lighting stability outdoors.

Markspotlight : Stylish and integrated lighting for the garden. The lighting is mounted outdoors and can be buried, drilled into ground stone, slabs, granite and slate. A stylish solution is installation in decorative stone and letting the lighting highlight your driveway and patio. Tree pots, tree spots and bush lighting are common requests from our customers, and here there is a wide range of garden spotlights in both small and large models.

Spotlight : Spotlights for installation in the lawn and for being able to direct light in the direction you want are popular. Spotlights project their light to illuminate details and objects. Our spotlights come in a range of different models with stylish packaging as the fixture which usually remains visible. Low consumption but an outdoor lamp that makes a big impression on the garden.

Decklight : Balcony lighting with LED is stylish and affordable. You create your string of lights outdoors and pin your chosen number of lights onto a main cable. Decklight sets a big mark on the balcony and creates both security during dark periods and atmosphere to the social areas. The patio closest to the house is a lovely area where a lot of time is spent with friends and family and it is common to want lighting for your patio! Decklights are available both for mounting on top of your balcony floor and for integration without a tripping edge.

Cables, transformer and accessories : Everything you need for a complete outdoor lighting loop can be found here! Regardless of whether you want driveway lighting, conservatory lighting or patio lighting, your light loop starts with a transformer and cable!

All surfaces in the garden go well with different types of lighting, so find out which lighting is most right for your garden!

Slate with a great tradition

"A string of lights connected with lighting from Lightpro creates warmth, atmosphere and brings joy for many years to come!

In summary, there are four decisive tips

  1. Use outdoor lighting and lighting in your garden! It creates effect, atmosphere and an effect you will rarely tire of.
  2. Create a lighting plan for your project, your garden, patio or balcony. Planning is the key to a garden project
  3. Do not install your lighting with a blinding light, this can disturb you and others in the future.
  4. It is recommended not to exceed 80% of the transformer's capacity, to avoid light falling on your loop.